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During periods of high temperatures and accelerated growth, plants can develop preventable nutrient deficiencies. Cal-Max was developed to provide the additional calcium, magnesium and iron needed to support peak production. Cal-Max can be used to treat problems when they surface and it can also be used as a preventative supplement to your nutrient program to avoid deficiencies such as tip burn in lettuce and blossom end rot in tomatoes. Apply as Foliar Spray Or Root Drench. Corrects Common Deficiencies and is an Excellent Conditioner For Coconut Coir

Cal-Max™ works to charge soilless media and bring plants back from common minor deficiencies associated with nutrient imbalance, rapid growth, or overly humid conditions. A must for growers using coir based soils. Available nitrogen stimulates chlorophyll and amino acid production to quickly re-green starved plants. Chelated iron adds more deficiency fighting power for lush green growth. Added calcium helps to strengthen the plant and assist in times of peak growth.

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Name Grotek - Cal-Max - 2-0-0
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