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CLW at FLRish Farms SolarSystem 550 Review SolarSystem 550 Unboxing and Review Video
CLW at FLRish Farms
Solar System 550
unBox & Review
Solar System 550
unBox & Review Video

California Light Works LED Grow Lights are leading edge horticultural lighting options offering the best in LED technology today. These high-quality and high potency LED grow lights come in different spectrums depending on your plants growth stage, and some models even have added UV to increase the spectrum you give your plants and boost their potency. Whether you are an experienced guru or new to indoor growing, CLW LED grow light solutions are simple to install and use. Every product has been thoroughly tested in the lab and in the field. Get the latest generation LED grow lights from California LightWorks today! All units are USA made and come with a 5 year warranty. See our un-boxing & review video on the Solar System 550.