CANNA Coco Brick

Premium fine compressed Canna CoCo into block , not steamed, free from chemicals, diseases, and viruses. Pre-rinsed for salt content. Packaged in easy to use plastic bag with carry handles.

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Name CANNA Coco Brick
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Size: 40 L
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CANNA, the specialist in coco production and famous for its high quality CANNA COCO medium in 50 liter bags, has succeeded in producing a coco brick that is the exact same high quality medium that CANNA is known for but in a compressed form and one that truly makes a difference. A hole difference! Its most distinctive feature is the hole. It creates extra surface which makes it easier to absorb water. Therefore the CANNA COCO Brick expands extremely fast. CANNA Coco Bricks are packaged per 2 bricks of 20 liters. One CANNA Coco Brick package makes a total of 40 liters of CANNA COCO medium.

What makes CANNA Coco Bricks Special?

  • CANNA COCO quality in a brick
    Same high quality as loose fill CANNA COCO made from the highest quality ingredients.
  • Re-usable
    CANNA COCO can be re-used several times which saves time, money and effort.
  • Multi functional packaging
    Packaging of each brick is a bag designed to be soaked or wetted in. No more buckets, tubs or containers. Just open the bag, add water, the bag has easy carry grip handles.
  • Easy storage & transportation
    Due to the compressed nature of the brick it takes up very little space which in turn makes it very easy to transport and store.
  • RHP certified
    CANNA COCO is RHP certified for professional horticulture. RHP Guarantees a clean/pure product free from weeds and pathogenic organisms,suitable for professional use.
  • Not steam sterilized
    CANNA avoids steam sterilizing because it kills a mediums' ability to naturally protect crops against harmful moulds like Pythium. Steaming also converts plant usable Nitrate nitrogen to plant toxic Nitrite nitrogen, and changes the structure of the coco to retains more water, which is not a good thing.
  • Washed & Buffered
    CANNA COCO is washed, buffered and therefore ready for use. Washed to clear any salt, no need to rinse yourself. Buffered for chemistry of the medium and its pH, CANNA has buffered its coco medium to make sure that the nutrients you give will go to the plant.
  • 2 x 10 Liter
    One CANNA COCO Brick makes 20 liters of coco medium. To make less, easily break the brick due in the middle. Allowing you to make two equal amounts of 10 liter.

CANNA COCO medium matches perfectly with CANNA COCO nutrients. Due to the special characteristics of coco and the applied washing and buffering process, it is possible for CANNA to combine vegetative and flowering nutrients in one nutrient mix. This means the nutrient can be used throughout the growing cycle and there is no need to worry about the proper time to convert from grow- to bloom nutrients.

Directions to Use

  1. Open the bag

    Tip: the fracture line makes it easy to break the brick if you wish to make 10 liters of coco instead of 20 liters
  2. Add clean water (also pour through the holes) in steps of 0.5 to 1 liter until the coco is totally expanded
    Tip: use lukewarm to warm water to increase the speed of expansion
  3. If needed, loosen the coco a bit with your hands into a uniform product.

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High quality & convenient Review by MG
Overall Rating
This is definitely the highest quality brick coco I've used. Consistency is just as good as the loose coco in the bag once you properly re-hydrate it (don't over do it!). It's a little cheaper than the 50 liter bags even though it's only 40 liters. It's easier to store since it's compressed. I use about 2 of these to fill six 3 gallon pots. I use a little less than 2 gallons of lukewarm water with cal-mag added, pouring a little at a time until it's all absorbed. Then I let it sit and expand for about an hour, and finish by dumping the coco into a tub and mixing it to get the moisture even and break up clumps. (Posted on 8/30/2016)
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