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    Simple sugars are a great way to impact the root zone of plants and provide the energy plants need to produce a quality harvest. Carbo-Max™ is based on simple sugars that provide a rapid energy source for soil organisms and plants; enhancing the metabolism of minerals to positively impact quality of the ripening fruit. Feeds Soil Organisms using Water Soluble Simple Sugars with Added Potassium For Ripening.

    During photosynthesis plants naturally produce their own energy source in the form of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are used to drive many important functions within a plant. These functions can make the production of energy a limiting factor within plants. Carbo-Max™ is a source of simple sugars that are water soluble and can be accessed by plants to use in their development.

    Directions for Use: Mix 1g of Carbo-Max into 4L (1g/1 gal) of water (soil or soilless). Use throughout the blooming cycle. Reapply each time the water is changed in the reservoir.

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