Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Grow Room Package 2' x 4'

This Ceramic Metal Halide Package has all the main components you need other than pots, nutrients and media. Hand picked by Growers House Staff to be effective and compatible! Two lighting equipment options available see description below.

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Availability: Ships in 7-14 Days

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Name Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Grow Room Package 2' x 4'
Brand Growers House Package
Dimensions 2ft x 4ft x 6 ft 7in
MSRP $1,140.38
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Ceramic Metal Halide Tent kits with everything hand picked by our grow experts. Your choice of two CMH lighting equipment options, both options include the Package Components as well.

Lighting Option 1:

  • Sun System Diamond LEC 315 - 120 Volt w/ 3100K Lamp
  • Sun System Diamond low profile LEC Brand 315 watt 120 Volt w/ 3100K Lamp fixtures utilize cutting edge Light Emitting Ceramic brand technology. This Sun System Slim Ceramic Metal Halide grow light fixture features state-of-the-art 95% reflective German aluminum interior offers unparalleled output, reflectivity and diffusion. The Diamond LEC Brand 315 has a Philips 50/60 Hz low frequency, square wave, highly efficient electronic ballast rated for 50,000 hour ballast life.

Lighting Option 2:

  • Sun System LEC 315 RA CMH Remote Reflector
  • The Sun System LEC 315 RA Remote Reflector is a highly reflective, remote-style reflector designed for better versatility in your growing area. Utilizes cutting edge Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) technology, also known as Ceramic Metal Halide(CMH). Highly-reflective textured aluminum insert to improve output, uniformity, and diffusion. Made of power-coated galvanized steel housing. 5-Year Warranty

  • Prism Lighting Science 315w Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Ballast 120/240v
  • Prism Lighting Science 315w Ceramic Metal Halide CM 120/240V Ballast Ballast safely and efficiently drives 315W ceramic metal halide lamps. Variable voltage 120/240V. Low Mains frequency 50/60 Hz. End of Lamp life, short circuit, open circuit, ignition failure and thermal protections for safety. 120 and 240v cords included.

  • Philips Mastercolor CDM-TP Elite 315W CMH Agro Lamp T12 - 3100ºK
  • Philips Elite Agro 315W T12 Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp 3100k is a flowering, budding spectrum lamp designed for maximum efficiency. Superior color quality. Crisp white light. Incredibly high 1.95 PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) per watt per second light source. 3100k color temperature, High 92cri, 33,000 initial lumens (105Lm/W). High 90% lumen maintenance at 8,000 hr / High 85% PPF maintenance at 20,000 hr. Unique Open Rated Lamp construction reduces radiant heat from the arc tube and is suitable for open fixture use.

Tent Package Components Included:

- Gorilla Lite Line 2' x 4' x 6'7"
- Active Air 4 inch In-Line Fan 165 CFM
- Grow Crew 1/8 inch Ratchet Light Hanger (Pair)
- Grower's Edge Large Display Thermometer & Hygrometer
- Titan Controls Apollo 9 -- Digital Dual Timer
- Duct Fan Speed Controller Adjuster - 25 ft Black Lightproof Ducting
- Stainless Steel Duct & Hose Clamps - 1 pair

  • Gorilla Lite Line 2' x 4' x 6'7"
  • This Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line 2' x 4' model is great for small gardens up to approximately 600 watts. Great for propagation, vegetating, and flowering plants. 6' 7" tall out of the box. Height Adjusting with the patent pending adjustable extension poles (sold separately).

  • Active Air 4 inch In-Line Fan 165 CFM
  • The Active Air In-Line fans help control odor and temperatures in your indoor grow area or hydroponics garden. Active Air Duct Fans not a wimpy inline duct fan. It includes a 120 volt power cord and mounting brackets are provided for easy installation. With it's high quality molded impeller and UL-recognized components, this fan is built for quiet operation. An average rated life of 20,000 hours and a 5 year warranty guarantees this fan is an economical value. Perfect for use with carbon filters, air cooling lighting reflectors or attaching to ducting to ventilate your grow room!

  • Grow Crew 1/8 inch Ratchet Light Hanger (Pair)
  • The Grow Crew Ratchet light hangers can hold and support 138 lbs from their 7' braided cords. Use the GC ratchet light hangers to hold reflectors, carbon filters, and more equipment from your tent or grow room ceiling. Easily adjustable and very strong.

  • Grower's Edge Large Display Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • Measures indoor/outdoor temperature & indoor humidity. Stores the Min./Max. values of the indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity. Switch between C and F. 12/24 hour mode switch. Recovery function on the Min./Max. values. Indoor temperature measuring range: (-22 F) - (122 F) : (-30 C) - (+50 C). Outdoor temperature measuring range: (-58 F) - (158 F) : (-50 C) - (+70 C). Indoor humidity measuring range: 20% - 99% (relative humidity). Resolution: Temperature: 0.1 C; Humidity: 1% RH.< Power supply: 1 AAA alkaline battery (included). Operation environment: Temperature: (0 C) - (50 C) Humidity: 5% - 85% RH. One year warranty.

  • Titan Controls Apollo 9 -- Digital Dual Timer
  • The Apollo 9 - 24 hour digital timer is the perfect timing solution for your hydro systems. With two outlets and a 15 amp capacity, it's easy to set to run your lights, pumps, fans, etc. The Apollo 9 may be set to 1 minute intervals and run 8 separate schedules per day. It can be configured in numerous timing schedules to meet the most demanding timing requirements. Two (2) outlets with 1 minute intervals. Battery back-up feature saves settings if power goes out. Heavy duty construction with plastic enclosure resists dust and moisture. 15 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz/1800 Watts. 1 year warranty.

  • Duct Fan Speed Controller Adjuster
  • Hydrofarm's Fan Speed Controller was designed especially for centrifugal fans & brushless motors. This means it will help prevent damage to fan motors, ensuring longer live for the motor. It will correctly and precisely adjust the speed of centrifugal fans without causing the motor to hum. These controllers are more sensitive than any on the market, and are compact and built to last.
    • Internal, electronic auto-resetting circuit breaker
    • State-of-the-art electronics throughout
    • Rated for 15 amps
    • 120VAC Voltage capacity
    • 1-year warranty

  • Black Lightproof Ducting w/Clamps
  • Completely lightproof and easier to handle than traditional silver/aluminum ducting. The black color absorbs heat which can be transmitted through the ducting and then exhausted with your air cooling setup. Ideal for air cooling all reflectors, hoods, and growing environments. Also can be used in various heating, ventilating or exhausting applications. These Class 1 aluminum flexible air duct connectors are made from tough, puncture resistant 3 ply aluminum foil laminate and contain a high density, corrosion resistant wire helix in the duct wall for support.

  • Stainless Steel Duct & Hose Clamps -- 1 Pair
  • Stainless steel hose clamps are perfect for attaching flexible ducting to air cooled hoods, exhaust fans, filters and silencers. They are simple to use and make for a clean duct connection. Conveniently packaged 2 per bag.