Cloning Gels, Solutions
Cloning Gels or Solutions are used to accelerate the root development of the cutting you have.
Some of our most popular items are:Clonex, Rootswell Rooting Plugs, & Grodan Rockwool A-OK Plugs.

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Rooting Gels, Powders, Solutions, Compounds, and Concentrates, GrowersHouse has a selection you can really root for. In order for your cuttings to begin growing roots, they must switch from making green stem cells to making root cells and our selection of rooting hormones will make this process easier and practically fool-proof.

Gels and powders are primarily used directly after taking cuttings, usually by immediately dipping the cut end into the gel or powder before transplanting. Solutions, compounds, and concentrates are typically made to mix with water in either your nutrient solution or can be sprayed or misted directly on your clones as a foliar spray. Typically cloning gels and solutions are a combination of vitamins and hormones to reduce transplant shock and protect from bacteria and fungi, and root stimulators to encourage healthy root growth.