Commercial Divison

Work with the team that has helped build some of the largest multi-state and multi-country operations

Full Design & Build

If you are starting a new operation or renovating an existing operation, we have a team that can partner with you for the long-term to ensure you’re operating ahead of the competition. Our CannaCribs team has visited the best growing operations in the world to bring the learnings of what works and what doesn’t exclusively to our customers and partners. We will hold your hand from initial design to full operation and then train your entire staff, along with everything in between.

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Irrigation Design

Fully automated irrigation sytems for commercial cultivation operations!

When it comes to commercial operations, automating your irrigation is the fastest return on investment equipment purchase possible—the low hanging fruit. Whether indoor, greenhouse or outdoor our team can design a full irrigation schematic with a parts list to make it easy to understand and install.

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Grow Lighting

As one of the largest grow lighting distributors in the USA

We vet lighting options by total output, energy efficiency, plant morphology, resin production and more. Our team will provide lighting designs, DLI calculations, energy rebates and more to make your operation as efficient and competitive as possible.

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Rolling Benches

Make sure you optimize your production

Implementing rolling benches to maximize canopy square footage. Most farms gain an extra 5-10% of canopy space and therefore yield by going from static, non-movable benches to rolling benches. Give us the dimensions of your room and our team will show you how to maximize your square footage of canopy space for your operation.

There is a reason the GrowersHouse Commercial Division works with more dispensaries than any other company. Our team is trained to lower fixed and variable costs while increasing yield, quality, and quantity.

Our support staff, packed with years of real world growing experience from a combination of academia, professional cultivation, and on the ground consulting, are growers helping growers.

Multi-Level Racking

Do you already feel the need to go vertical?

The most complex part of multi-tiered racking is the compatibility of lighting, irrigation, ventilation and HVAC to work properly so you have an identical environment on each level. Multi-level racking can be used in propagation, vegetative and flowering phases.

Propagation Phase

Maximize your propagation area and get movable racks to easily transport your clones throughout your facility.

Vegetative Phase

Vegetative plants are great candidates for multi-tiered operations. Easily double or triple your plant count.

Flowering Phase

Mutli-tiered racking environmental control is hard to accomplish. Let us make sure you succeed the first time.

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Climate Control

HVAC system that will help you and your plants sleep well at night

Climat control for cultivation operations when done correctly is a mathematical problem that is unique for each cultivation operation taking into account room cubic feet, number of plants, soil/media type, irrigation parameters, insulation, ambient temperature and humidity and more.

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Greenhouse Consulting

Here to help you build or renovate an old greenhouse

If you need to build or renovate an old greenhouse, our team can help with full design and build from hoop houses to European style glass house structures, and everything in between. Our team can work with you highlighting the pros and cons of each style along with ensuring you find the right structure for your budget and location.

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To ensure your proactive instead of reactive to pressing issues

Medicinal plants are uniquely susceptible to pathogens, insects and mildews due to the resinous nature of the inflorescences it produces. To ensure your proactive instead of reactive to issues that will decrease production capability, have our team work on an integrated pest management (IPM) program to keep your garden clean. Our process can ensure protection against powdery mildew, spider mites, thrips, fungus gnats, botrytis and many other common garden problems.

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Environmental Controls

Ensure you have redundancy for all environmental parameters

Want to ensure you have redundancy for all environmental parameters and be able to monitor your cultivation operation from your phone or computer? We can help with that. There are dozens of controls companies available with different features. Let our team help find the system that best suits your needs and budget.

A new approach to hydroponics

The most amazing part in Growershouse is a speed and results that they deliver

Nobody knows their commercial grow products the way we do and we can help you figure out which products will get you the most bang for your buck, stretching your budget as far as possible and helping you achive recrod breaking harvests.