Common Culture - Round Fabric Tan Pot - 15 Gallon

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    Don't let your growing investment go to waste. Protecting its roots with our high-quality fabric pots. Breathable fabric allows air in and excess water out to provide optimum air circulation and moisture control for happy and healthy plants. BPA-free and UV resistant. Tan in color. Note: Pictures of the black version of the pots in the images section are for a visual of the pots in a garden. If you purchase from this product page you will get tan pots, not black.

    Common Culture Round Fabric Pots - Tan

    Introducing the Tan Common Culture high-quality, affordable, fabric pots perfect for propagation, transplanting, pot in pot applications, direct to garden, hydroponics, or just regular potting.

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    Our Tan fabric pot is made of high-quality fabric making it one of the best fabric pots on the market:

    • Fabric pot gallon sizes 15 and larger are all 260 gram (260g) thickness

    Healthy Roots Create Healthy Plants

    The Tan Common Culture fabric pots have key points in protecting and nurturing the delicate root zones in your plants.

    • prevent root circling
    • creates a dense fibrous root structure
    • keeps roots cool
    • breathable fabric allows air in, and lets excess water out
    • BPA free and UV resistant

    Pot dimensions: (# base x # tall)


    1 Gallon - 6" x 7.5"
    2 Gallon - 8.5" x 7.5"
    3 Gallon - 10″x 8.5″
    5 Gallon - 11" x 10.25″
    7 Gallon - 14″ x 12.0″
    10 Gallon - 16″ x 12.0″
    15 Gallon - 17" x 15"
    20 Gallon - 20" x 15.5"
    25 Gallon - 21" x 16.5"
    35 Gallon - 23.5" x 17.7"

    Why Common Culture Fabric Pots?

    Scientific studies have shown the best container for growing plants is a fabric pot. Common Culture Fabric pots allow for air pruning, root development as well as mold resistance by excellent drainage while allowing for water absorption. Common Culture Fabric pots are durable for multiple years of use.

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