Complete Light Packages
Indoor grow room light packages of all wattages including 150w, 315w, 400w, 600w, and 1000w. Grow room light kit packages include bulb, ballast, and reflector. Choose the package to best suit your new indoor garden.

Our grow light kits and packages make it easy to get a light kit that works great together, just choose your desired wattage and we'll do the rest. From the bulb to the ballast to the reflector, we've taken the guesswork out of buying grow light kits that can take your grow operation to the next level. From 150w to 1000w, we've put together some of our best products into complete grow light kits ready for your grow op no matter the size. Our 400w and 600w grow light kits are great for grow rooms 5' x 5' or smaller, while the 1000w kits are made for operations in 6' x 6' or smaller.

Hight intensity bulbs are what create the light and come in three variations, MH, HPS, and CMH bulbs. Ballasts are necessary for HID grow lights to operate. Grow Light Ballasts power the high intensity grow bulbs and lamps via 120 volt or 240 volt power. Reflectors help keep your light going where you want it, providing better efficiency and come in several variations like air-cooled vs. non-cooled, parabolic and wing reflectors, and even double-ended reflectors are available for helping you to redirect the light to your plant's canopy where its needed most.