1. Designed to turn “On” and “Off” exhaust fans and/or intake fans to remove unwanted atmosphere due to heat or humidity. Learn More
  2. Synchronized Cooling Thermostat/Dehumidistat w/4 Outlets No Photosensor - Model CT-DH-3 Learn More
  3. This controller features fully independent sensors for cooling and heating equipment. The cooling thermostat activates the left outlets of the controller and the heating thermostat activates the right outlets. If you require a tighter control of your temperature than the internal heating\cooling thermostats allow, alternate sensors are available with a 3º differential External Coil or Remote Bulb Thermostat. Learn More
  4. Total humidity controller for humidifying or Dehumidifying Humidistat by Green Air Products. 20-80% Humidity Range, 120/115V, 15 amps, 6ft power cord. Learn More
  5. The LT4-120 is a premium quality heavy duty timer switch primarily designed for 120 volt lighting operation. The LT-4 provides four (4) grounded 120 volt outlets suitable for up to 1000 watts each receptacle. The unit comes with 10 feet of #8 type SO wire and is capable of 40 amperes current load. Learn More
  6. CDDS-2 & CDM-6000 Sensor with Both the CO2 Digital Sequencer and the CO2 Infrared Sensor 0-5000PPM Learn More