Cultilene, a Saint-Gobain company in the Netherlands, is committed to sustainable food production. Only if we use the available resources economically will we continue to be able to supply people worldwide with food.
Cultilene's goal is to offer solutions to realize maximum food production of maximum quality with as little water and energy as possible.

Cultilene thinks along with you: we are more than just a substrate supplier and feel responsible for your success. The core promises for which Cultilene stands:
  1. Knowledge: water management in the root zone – Framework
  2. Reliable: high-quality products, high delivery reliability, expert and committed personnel
  3. Partnership: partner in international horticulture
  4. Challenging the existing: looking for new solutions to the global food problem

Cultilene supplies stone wool substrate solutions and Albarino diffused glass in more than 50 countries worldwide. The stone wool substrate is produced at 4 locations: Tilburg (The Netherlands), Gliwice (Poland), Castolovice (Czech Republic) and Paris – Ontario (Canada). The Saint-Gobain factory in Mannheim (Germany) manufactures the Albarino diffused glass.

Sustainable business practices are a common thread running throughout Cultilene’s operations: from raw materials to final products. We are sure that sustainability will give the greatest long-term benefits – for both our society and businesses!

Every grower and propagator is looking for different things from his substrates. Factors such as root distribution, generative/vegetative growth, absorption capacity, water buffer, and control range have to be considered. This is why Cultilene offers a wide range of substrate products. In this way, we can always provide a substrate that suits your specific needs!

Cultilene offers a wide range of substrate solutions; there is a customized solution for every company and every growing situation. Also, there is always a stone wool product that matches the specific substrate requirements you want; for example, root distribution, generative and vegetative growth, initial wetting up, water content and control range.

Some of our substrate products have a unique X-fiber fiber structure. By using a special technique, the fibers, instead of the normal horizontal or vertical fiber direction, are distributed in all directions. This gives you the best of both worlds: the fast rooting of vertical fibers and the better root distribution of the whole substrate that is a characteristic of horizontal fibers. The result? Better nutrition uptake and so better plant growth!

Growers House carries a variety of Cultilene rockwool/stonewool products, from mini cubes, cubes with shrinkwrap, to slabs and large grow blocks so check out our selection of Cultilene substrate products today.