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Plant AMP is a chelated Calcium product that also contains a proprietary organic plant "stimulating" ingredient. Calcium is the basis of cell wall development in a plant and the chelated Calcium in Plant AMP is extremely soluble, providing an easily utilized source of Calcium. Plant AMP is 100% organic and can be used throughout the entire growth cycle to optimize a plants growth. Plant AMP is also a fantastic foliar spray, due to it's low molecular weight for uptake, but also because it is very "clean" leaving no heavy build-up or residue on the plant. Plant AMP can also be used in conjunction with our 2 other additives for custom foliar applications.

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Availability: Ships in 7-14 Days

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Plant Amp™ is a pure form of low molecular weight calcium. This low molecular weight property provides improved calcium transport into the plant body, meaning the calcium is easily assimilated by plants and transferred into cell growth. Calcium is an integral part of cell wall development, and the overall ability of a plant to grow to it’s maximum potential. Calcium uptake by the plant’s roots and leaves promotes an amplification of hormonal signals between cells. Increased communication of these signals between plant cells promotes vigorous growth, and increases cell wall strength and permeability. Using Plant Amp™ will provide your plants with the necessary Calcium to optimize growth, enhance bountiful blossoms in ornamental plants, and promote heavier fruits and veggies.

** NOTE ** Plant Amp™ contains organic compounds which have weakly bonded low pH properties which cause a temporary "false" low pH reading. Do not adjust pH up. The pH will raise naturally as the weak bonds breakdown and the plant uptakes the calcium in one or two days. There is no problem with watering straight away with the initially low reading pH.