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    Uncle John's Blend (UJB), is a complexed Potassium mixture that is used primarily to enhance a plant's metabolic rate, especially for flowering plants during the blooming stage. Potassium is a major component in photosynthetic processes, including the production of ATP (plant sugars) and the transfer of those sugars throughout the plant tissue. The low molecular weight of UJB makes it very available to the plant for immediate use, as well as making a very "clean" foliar spray that will not leave heavy built-up or residue on the plant tissue. UJB can also be used in conjunction with our 2 other additives for custom foliar applications.
    Uncle John’s Blend™ is a proprietary elixir developed originally in the hills of Humboldt County. Uncle John’s Blend™ is formulated in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Uncle John’s Blend™ is developed to reduce stress and increase flower and fruit production. When using a high phosphorus bloom formula, a plant’s metabolism is boosted during flowering. Uncle John’s Blend™ helps to alleviate deficiencies that can occur from stress as a result of increased metabolic function. Uncle John’s Blend™ supplies a low molecular weight form of potassium, which is readily available for plant uptake. This low molecular weight potassium acts as the primary electrolyte for energy to enhance photosynthesis and the formation complex aromatic esters and flavonoids. Enhanced production of flavonoids and aromatic compounds (esters) equate to more intense perfume in aromatic flowers, and richer flavors in fruits.
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