CX Horticulture- Ultimate Bloom (Hydro) *DISCONTINUED*

This item has been discontinued, We recommend the combination of CX Horticulture Hydro Part A and CX Horticulture Hydro Part B as an alternative.


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Name CX Horticulture- Ultimate Bloom (Hydro) *DISCONTINUED*
Brand CX Horticulture
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This item has been discontinued, We recommend the combination of CX Horticulture Hydro Part A and CX Horticulture Hydro Part B as an alternative.

Advanced Simplicity
Use as an alternative to two part nutrients

If you want unparalleled results with ease then Ultimate Indoor is for you. The Ultimate range of single part nutrients is the result of a rising demand by growers for a strong, stable, value for money and easy to use single part nutrient. Until now, the single part nutrients that have been produced have been weak, expensive and chemically unstable which has lead to variable results and a poor reputation.

So far, the problem with single part nutrients is that the calcium has wanted to react with the phosphate and sulfate fractions. In order to delay this reaction, manufacturers have had to weaken the nutrient and greatly reduce the amount of the reactive components. The reactions are only delayed. This means that, over time, the reactions occur anyway and result in big lumps of insoluble material in the bottom of the bottle. Unfortunately, these insolubles are vital plant nutrients. What you have ended up with is a single part nutrient that is indeed easy to use but it is also low in some vital nutrients and low in performance.
You don’t have to put up with poor results as a trade off for the ease-of-use of a single part nutrient any longer.
The Ultimate range of nutrients has solved the chemical stability and nutrient strength problems in one breakthrough. We have incorporated an unreactive micronised calcium (a bit like talcum powder) suspension which is soluble when you add it to the nutrient solution. It just needs a vigorous shaking prior to use to incorporate the micronised calcium thoroughly through the nutrient. Naturally, we have incorporated the Fusion Nutrition technology into this nutrient, adding another dimension to plant nutrition.

A very common question is “why are there two part nutrients if the single part is as good?”
Two part nutrients are and have always been used commercially. Due to the large volumes used, it would make mixing the single part nutrients impractical. Two part nutrients are just easier to make.

However, two part nutrients were the first type introduced and have been used in the past as a matter of habit. This has lead to a situation where habitual use has lead to the perception that they are used because they are better. It’s a bit like “my father did it like this so that’s what I do.” But this is now about to change. Ultimate Indoor single part nutrient will perform as well if not better than any other two part nutrient.

You will be so amazed with the yield this single part nutrient will deliver that you will wonder why there even is a two part nutrient.
CX Hydroponics makes a two part nutrient because growers demand it. We would recommend, however, that you try our single part nutrients. You won’t be disappointed.

Premium Single Part nutrient for Soil Grown Plants.
Use for vigorous growth and heavy flowers in any potting soil.
May also be used for plants grown in garden situations outdoors.

Ultimate for Potting Soil is a nutrient especially designed for growing crops in potting soil.. Conditions in potting soils are markedly different from those encountered in homogeneous media such as coir or perlite. Potting soils are numerous and all different so a nutrient designed for them needs to take account of all the possible variables. Ultimate for Potting Soil does just that. You now don’t need to buy specific potting mix to suit a specific nutrient or vice versa. Now just one nutrient will suit all potting soil types provided they have the desirable physical characteristics of being well drained and not saline. All potting mixes should be manufactured to at least these standards as a matter of course. If they are, then they will be suitable for Ultimate for Potting Soil.

Ultimate for Potting Soil is so versatile that it can be used in all climates and all areas and in all soil mixes. It can even be used in ordinary garden soil. As with all our products, Ultimate for Potting Soil has been developed by an Agronomist using world’s best practice and field tested extensively. The results of this field testing have been analyzed and applied to the product where necessary. The result is a nutrient which is very robust and able to cope with the varying pH, salinity, nutrient levels, drainage, nitrogen drawdown, water holding capacity and air filled porosity of any standard potting mix.

The result is a win for you, the grower. You can now go out and buy any potting mix you wish to use and know that you can also get a first class nutrient to suit it.

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