Cycloptics Greenbeams 315w CMH Ceramic MH Reflector *DISCONTINUED*

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This item has been discontinued, Please try our selection of Ceramic Metal Halide Lights CMH for an alternative.


This item has been discontinued, Please try our selection of Ceramic Metal Halide Lights CMH for an alternative.

This is the reflector only. Ballast and bulb sold separately. Comes with 6' lamp cord that plugs in to a standard/common style ballast receptacle.

Cycloptics Indoor Garden Lighting Systems
Greenbeams can be used in both small and large scale grow room applications. Depending on the level of light required, we can determine the optimal number of lights required to meet your needs, while maintaining the best spectrum and highest levels of uniformity.

Philips Green Power 315W CMH Spectrum
Philips originally developed this lamp for Cycloptics. It is the most efficient lamp in producing photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) per watt. As tested at Utah State University Crop Physiology Laboratory its spectrum is 18% and 44% more efficient for photosynthesis than MH and HPS lamps respectively.

Full Volume 3D Uniformity
All-Bright and Greenbeams indoor lighting systems deliver superior light uniformity over the full volume of a grow room with greater intracanopy light penetration than horizontal lamp reflectors. “Hot spots” are eliminated too, because 90% of the light reflects off the walls and lands on the plants from multiple angles. The Cycloptics Greenbeam's geometry assures that less than 3% of the lamp’s rays are trapped by the lamp as they reflect in One Bounce and Out™ off of the reflector’s 95% reflective aluminum. This is far superior to horizontal lamp reflectors. They trap up to 20% of the lamp’s light inside the reflector in the form of heat, which is the primary cause of horizontal lamp failures.

Cycloptics indoor garden lighting systems can improve crop yield, reduce the days to harvest at reduced temperatures; using significantly less energy. They incorporate a patented reflector, a vertically mounted 315W Philips Green Power CMH (ceramic metal halide) lamp, and a choice between an electronic or digital ballast. In combination they make All-Bright™ and Greenbeams™ the most energy efficient lighting system to grow your favorite vegetables, plants and herbs indoors year around.

Cycloptics Selected The Philips 315W CMH Lamp For 5 Reasons:

  • The lamp can be mounted vertically, and the small size of its emitter allows for maximum beam control by Cycloptics reflector
  • The 15.8 PPF/kLux output compared to 10.9 and 13.4 for HPS and MH respectively
  • The spectrum can grow any type of plant, as tested by Utah State Crop Physiology Laboratory
  • The stability of the spectrum as the percentage of PPF output during dimming
  • The lamp is approved for use in open luminaires

    The Full Volume 3D™ uniformity of Cycloptics All-Bright™ reflector was measured and compared to 400W HPS and MH lamps at the Utah State University Crop Physiology Laboratory in March 2013. A 15 square foot growth chamber with diffuse white walls was retrofit with six All-Bright™ reflectors. The control chamber operated a 50/50 mix of eight 400W HPS/MH lamps. The uniformity of the All-Bright™ chamber’s Percent Variation in PPF was vastly superior as shown in the pictures below.

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    Name Cycloptics Greenbeams 315w CMH Ceramic MH Reflector *DISCONTINUED*
    Brand Cycloptics
    SKU CGB1224
    Warranty 3 Year
    Watts 315w
    CSA Certified Yes
    UL Listed Yes