DAB E.SYBOX Electronic Water Pressure System

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    E.Sybox by DAB solves the problem of maintaining consistent, constant water pressure in your hydro pump system across several rooms and installations, from a distance or to an elevated area.
    The E.Sybox is a compact booster pump that's about 30% smaller than traditional pump and controller systems. It operates are a whisper quiet 45dB (decibels) E.Sybox only uses the power necessary to provide the pressure and flow needed making it highly energy-efficient. E.Sybox can be mounted vertically or horizontally, flexible for your needs/space requirements. If multiple E.Sybox units are in use, an integrated wireless communication system allows the units to communicate with the other pumps for easy monitoring. State-of-the-art engineering results in an intelligent, compact design from a world leader in pump technology with more than 35 years of market experience and producing in excess of 2 million motor-driven pumps annually.

    Every detail of the e.sybox is carefully designed to ensure the levels of comfort which fix new reference standards for the sector. Just connect the e.sybox to the power socket to have all the water required, when it is required. The noise perceived as well the vibrations are reduced to the minimum and the system is whisper-silent only 45 dB in standard use.


    Thanks to the Inverter technology, e.sybox draws the energy necessary according to the water requirements, thereby avoiding futile wastes and allowing considerable economic savings.


    The new compact electronic pressure transducer with built-in temperature sensor developed by DAB, together with the flow sensor, both positioned on the pump delivery, send the necessary signals to the board for proper control of the system.


    Designed to minimise the dimensions, ensure compactness of the system and make maintenance easy.


    Integrated in the system, it has a 2-litre capacity and is certified for drinking water. Comes with a 5-year guarantee, no maintenance required.


    Covered with caps fitted with gasket. Easy to remove, the suction and delivery of the system to be used can be easily selected, depending on the installation.


    LCD 70x40 mm high-resolution adjustable for easy reading in the various installations. The user-friendly interface makes it possible to access all the information and customise the main settings according to the specificity of the application.


    Allows easy access to the rotor shaft, vertical filling plug and expansion tank. It is also a practical housing for the maintenance tools and user's guide, functional for using the system.


    The features and design of the e.sybox make the system easily adaptable to any type of installation.

    Horizontal or Vertical, in a ventilated room or in a recess, any setting will be perfect for making the best possible use of the e.sybox, which ensures a reduction of at least 30% of the dimensions as compared to any other traditional system.

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    NameDAB E.SYBOX Electronic Water Pressure System
    BrandDAB Pumps
    Weight (lbs)60
    Dimensions26.7"L x 13.9"W x 18.4"H
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