DaKine 420 Promo Pack

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Makes over 700 gallons of plant ready nutrients and includes both our micro products strong enough to grow roots on a bowling ball. 100g Atomic Root Powder, 200g Bio Minerals, 1000g Grow, 2000g Base, and 2000g Bloom.
  • 100g Atomic Root Powder
  • 200g Bio Minerals
  • 1,000g Grow
  • 2,000g Base
  • 2,000g Bloom

DaKine 420 produces finely-tuned products you can trust. This DaKine 420 Promo Pack includes root enhancers (DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients BASE, and Atomic Root Powder), veg growth strengtheners (DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients GROW), flowering stimulators (DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients BLOOM), and Bio Minerals. The DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients Promo Pack, with over 100 g of each product, produces up to 700 gallons of plant-ready nutrients to fully nourish your plants to greater health and higher yields. Whatever you’re growing, you will see the difference using the products in the DaKine 420 Promo Pack.

DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients BASE
  • Carefully balanced NPK of 3-13-26
  • Trace minerals
  • Provides the ideal ratios for maximum vegetative growth

  • DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients GROW
  • Contains nitrate nitrogen, the easiest form of nitrogen for plants to uptake
  • NPK of 14-0-0-17Ca
  • Pure calcium to facilitate uptake of nitrate nitrogen
  • Encourages growth and hardiness in your plants

  • DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients BLOOM
  • NPK of 8-14-28
  • Three times more potassium than nitrogen to assure high yields
  • Elevated magnesium content elevates photosynthetic efficiency for optimal growth
  • Perfect balance of essential nutrients for increasing biomass, stalk development, and flowering
  • DaKine 420 Bio Minerals
  • various strains of bacillus bacteria
  • Add Bio Minerals to your next grow and see how happy it will make your plants!

  • DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients Atomic Root Powder
  • The most important mineral element in plant nutrition
  • Constituent of amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids, all fundamental to the growing process
  • Provides the ideal ratios for maximum vegetative growth

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