Deep Water Culture DWC

Deep Water Culture (DWC)

The deep water culture or DWC method is often referred to as the simplest form of hydroponics since it involves just a container with aerated water in which the plant's roots grow down into. The actual parts list contains things like your container or reservoir for holding the nutrient solution, an air pump like those used for aquariums, and an airline/hose running to an airstone creating bubbles inside the nutrient solution, some kind of basket, or pot filled with your chosen growing media to hold the plant over the nutrient solution. The three critical pieces to water culture systems are the oxygen, the water, and the nutrients.

The water plus the nutrients are your nutrient solution which is then properly aerated by the air pump, giving your plant's root plenty of oxygen while submerged in the water solution. The larger the reservoir is the more stable the nutrient solution will be, resulting in smaller swings to pH, temperature, water level, and nutrients that would otherwise prevent your plants from getting the elements needed from your nutrient solution.

The benefits of DWC are its very low maintenance with few moving parts and simple assembly, as well as faster growing times when compared to growing in soil.

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