Dramm Air Powered Foamer100 Gallon SprayTrax with 75 ft. Hose

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    With a 100-gallon tank and a 75' hose with 5 CFM @ 60 psi. The Dramm Foamer100 SprayTrax Sprayer is designed to cover large areas quickly and efficiently. The hydra line features higher flow rates and longer hose lengths than other brands, so you can easily cover large areas quickly and effectively.

    Dramm Air Powered Foamer100 Gallon SprayTrax with 75' Hose

    This Dramm Foamer is an air-operated foaming machine that makes a rich, shaving cream-like lather, perfect for disinfection and cleaning.

    When used with an outside air source, the Dramm Foamer creates an adjustable foam that slowly dissipates, allowing proper oxidation and disinfection to occur.

    1Mounted on a rugged, vinyl-dipped cart with a plastic 100-gallon tank, the Foamer is designed to hold up to harsh detergents and corrosive chemicals. Rubberized casters and wheels make it maneuverable and hold to wet concrete surfaces. The unit comes with 75 feet of 1/2” hose and a foam gun. Other hose lengths are available.

    Product Details


    Tank size 100 Gallons (378 liters)
    Hose Length 75'
    Power Supply Air driven
    Air Requirements 60 PSI @ 3CFM /25 ft. Hose (more required for longer hose)
    Dramm FM100-75 FOAMERDramm FM100-75 FOAMER

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    NameDramm Air Powered Foamer100 Gallon SprayTrax with 75 ft. Hose
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