Dramm ColdFogger AR 50 gallon, 300' hose, Pneumatic wheels

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    The Dramm ColdFogger is a low-volume chemical applicator that can easily apply all formulations of pesticides, growth retardants, fungicides, vaccines, cleaning products, and disinfectants using a highly concentrated spray solution. The “low-volume” method of applying chemical solutions utilized in the ColdFogger diminishes costly run-off and greatly reduces application times. Very small spray droplets are generated to provide deep and even penetration of chemicals.

    Dramm ColdFogger AR 50 gallon, 300' hose, Pneumatic wheels

    The 50-gallon (190 liters) chemical tank with a built-in agitator pump holds enough spray solution to provide up to 180,000 square feet of coverage in as little as 205 minutes. The powerful high-pressure fog projects a plume of 30 - 60 micron diameter spray droplets 20 - 25 feet from the handheld spray gun. The quality of the spray is a tremendous improvement over conventional hydraulic sprayers that produce droplets that vary in size from 200 to 1,000 microns in average diameter.

    The built-in hose reel conveniently stores 300 feet of high-pressure discharge hose (Additional hose lengths are available). The spray gun is attached to the discharge hose with a quick disconnect coupling. This allows the operator easy hose recovery without damaging the spray gun.

    Operation is easy and maintenance is minimal when the CFAR50 ColdFogger is properly cared for. The instruction manual provides detailed operating instructions, dilution rate calculations, and effective troubleshooting guidelines.

    Comes with Pneumatic wheels.

    Product Details


    Tank size 20 Gallons (72 liters)
    Hose Length 300'
    Wheel options

    BigFoot: pneumatic 15” tires and casters

    Motor  11O v 60 HZ 10 amp Thermal overload w/auto restart
    Maximum Pressure 3,000 psi
    Pump Type High pressure, diaphragm
    Dramm ColdFogger 300' Hose with Optional Pneumatic WheelsDramm ColdFogger 300' Hose with Optional Pneumatic Wheels

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    NameDramm ColdFogger AR 50 gallon, 300' hose, Pneumatic wheels
    Discounts Allowed?No
    Amps10A @110V
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