Dutch Master Gold Add.27 Grow

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Add 27 is the world’s first specialized nutrient activator. It is a new nutrient additive by Dutchmaster designed to improve the effectiveness and performance of your regular nutrient program. Add 27 was developed to take your regular mineral fertilizer and through their special protein based chelating technology, deliver more effective and powerful nutrition to your plants. It accomplishes this by optimizing the rate of cytoplasm streaming. This is a method of delivering minerals, enzymes, etc. to the plants cells. Add 27 will work with all types of growing media and with all types of nutrients.
Gold ADD.27 adds power to your regular nutrient or mineral based supplements by helping to optimize the rate of cytoplasmic streaming. The cytoplasmic stream is like a fluid conveyor belt within the plant that delivers all the minerals, enzymes, co-factors etc that the plant requires to grow and develop naturally, right into the cell. Quite often, through external influences eg. pH shift, temperature etc, this conveyor belt can be slow resulting in very average results. Optimized cytoplasmic streaming allows your nutrients and additives to work at their intended performance level!
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Name Dutch Master Gold Add.27 Grow
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