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    Biological source for aeration and nutrition. Red Wrigglers create valuable air space as they tunnel through the soil. They also leave behind nurtition rich castings. Earthworms create 5X more Nitrogen, 1.5X more Calcium, 3X more Magnesium, 7X more phosphates, 11X more Potash and 40 percent more humus in your soil!
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    Earthworms (Red Wrigglers Eisenia fetida) help keep the soil loose they're Mother Nature's very own spade! These little guys eat and burrow 24 hours a day. All of this tunneling aerates the soil (getting oxygen to the roots), allows for easier root growth and improves water retention. And they speed up the decomposition process in cold composting. Earthworms are shipped by the pound, and include approximately 1,800-2,000 worms per pound. They are shipped as "Bed-Run," which means there will be a variety of sizes and life stages in each pound. Use them in the garden or in worm composting.


    These earthworms will eat the soil in your garden and cast it back with 5 times more nitrogen, 1.5 times more calcium, 3 times more magnesium, 7 times more phosphates, 11 times more potash and 40% more humus.

    Plant nutrients from earthworms (odorless castings) retain moisture, don't leach out with watering and are released slowly instead of in one large dose. Worm castings feed plants for weeks, even months. They will neutralize acid or alkaline excess and they don't use up organic carbons, as chemicals often do.

    Looks like Mother Nature knows what she's doing!


    On their endless journey through your garden (worms don't sleep), earthworms leave behind a vast network of nutrition-lined tunnels which are valuable air spaces. This gets oxygen to the roots and allows the roots more room to grow. The castings-rich soil will hold more water so there's much less run-off. Hard packing is impossible -- Mother Nature does not own a spade.

    All Plant life benefits enormously from nutrition and aeration by earthworms. Production goes up. Color is better. Fruits and vegetables taste better. Susceptibility to disease goes down. Best of all, you get more pleasure from your gardening and your garden.


    Garden Areas: Dig 6 inch diameter, 1 foot deep holes several feet apart though out the garden. Fill with water and let drain. Put one or two handfuls of worms in each hole, fill loosely with soil and compost (cuttings, table scraps, etc.) This will give the worms a quick meal. Water the area and apply mulch if possible over and around the holes. Keep the area watered.

    Tree and Shrub Treatment: Dig several 6 inch diameter, 1 foot deep holes around the drip line of the tree's branches. Continue as above.

    Compost Pile: Place worms on the bottom of 4 inches of loose soil. Keep damp as you continue to add decaying organic material.

    For best results, add some organic material along with the worms to get them feeding. You may use moist corn meal, coffee grounds, table scraps, grass clippings, or other organic material.
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