Einstein Oil Leaf Shine

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Neem oil is effective against a variety of garden insect pests.The problem with most neem oil is a lack of purity due to the extraction process. High heat and abrasive chemicals used during extraction reduces the amount of the active ingredient, azadirachtin, found in neem. This, in turn, makes the neem oil ineffective for use as an insecticide. Einstein Oil is produced differently. The process of extraction used for Einstein Oil is a cold water extraction. This process takes longer but will retain almost all of the neem oil’s azadirachtin content. The higher percentage of azadirachtin found in Einstein Oil will battle bugs in a few different ways. It works as an anti-feed and the insects will choose to go elsewhere for their lunch. Einstein Oil is also a growth regulator. Any insect that eats or absorbs Einstein Oil cannot molt. If an insect is unable to molt into the next stage of its lifecycle it simply dies out. Additionally, insects seem to sense the presence of Einstien Oil and will not lay their eggs on treated plants. The scientists who created Einstien Oil understood that a plant with an insect problem is going through stress. That is why they enhanced the formula with several other potent herbal ingredients in order to reduce stress caused by insects and help keep your plants healthy and green.
Einstein Oil is enhanced with several other potent herbal ingredients that greatly increase its effectiveness. All ingredients are 100% non-toxic. This popular leaf shine keeps leaves clean and plants healthy. Einstein Oil is an easy to mix concentrate. Mix 1/2 - 2 tsp. per quart of water.
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