GrowFlux Access Point

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    The GrowFlux Access Point is an always-on wireless device that serves as the foundation for your on-site GrowFlux Mesh, a high-reliability wireless mesh for lighting controls, sensing, and other devices. Required for lamps with GrowFlux controllers.

    GrowFlux Access Point

    The Access Point functions as a bridge between your GrowFlux Mesh devices
    and GrowFlux cloud applications. An Android or iOS device is required to set
    up the Access Point, however, any device with any GrowFlux cloud application
    can be used to interact with devices once the Access Point is set up.

    • Connect up to 200 GrowFlux Mesh devices per Access Point

    • Indoor use only

    • Up to a 500-foot range

    • Includes 5' Ethernet cable and power adapter with NEMA 1-15 plug for North America

    • One-year manufacturer Limited Warranty.


    CR2032 Lithium coin cell battery; powers internal clock to keep date and time in the event of power and Internet connectivity loss

    Wireless scheduling & Dimming

    Your HLG light includes a wireless lighting controller that easily pairs with the GrowFlux Access Point for connected control. Reliable and secure mesh networking built into your light enables control from any device, from anywhere. Connect up to 200 lights to the GrowFlux Access Point, sold separately.

    HLG GrowFlux Lighting ConsumptionHLG GrowFlux Lighting Consumption
    HLG GrowFlux Lighting LocationsHLG GrowFlux Lighting Locations

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