Espoma Organic Cottonseed Meal 3.5 LB

Slow Release Organic Fertilizer! A rich source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and numerous minor elements over an extended period of time, without waste or runoff, and while insuring long-lasting growth, beauty and productivity of turf grasses, landscape plants and vegetable gardens. Its high content of organic matter loosens tight, heavy soils and helps light, sandy soils hold moisture and nutrients. As a slow-release, organic fertilizer, cottonseed meal is safe to use in liberal amounts without danger of burning plants.

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Name Espoma Organic Cottonseed Meal 3.5 LB
Brand Espoma
SKU EP5040
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Certified Organic

Cottonseed Meal 6-2-1

100% organic plant food
• Cottonseed meal is a by-product from food grade cottonseed oil production
• It is an all-natural 100 percent organic plant food generally used for feeding trees and shrubs
• It provides plants with all three essential nutrients
• Long-lasting for acid-loving plants and all evergreens, trees and shrubs
• Unique processing makes it very easy to use.