Eye Hortilux

EYE HORTILUX, a division of EYE Hortilux Lighting International, focuses on providing quality grow lamps that produce supplemental or artificial light for indoor plant growth. EYE HORTILUX HPS and MH grow lamps are used in a wide variety of applications including the home hobbyist, agricultural universities and educational programs, plant physiological research, biotechnology & pharmacology industries, greenhouses and plant factories. All Hortilux Lamps and Bulbs are made in the USA to strict quality control for consistent performance. Growers House has done a 1000w HPS bulb comparison test where the new Hortilux Enhanced Performance Super HPS 1000w came out best according to our PAR readings. Want to compare different Hortilux bulbs to find out which ones are best for you? Check out our Hortilux comparison page to view the specifications of each one of Hortilux's bulb types.