EZ-Clone Rooting Compound


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Name EZ-Clone Rooting Compound
Brand EZ-Clone
SKU 726655-0
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EZ Clone Rooting Compound is a concentrated formulation containing Vitamin B-1 and 3-Indole Butyric Acid both of which aid in root development of hardwood and softwood cuttings. For best results use a sharp, sterile utensil (preferably an Xacto blade or standard razor blade) to cut your most promising starts, immediately dip the end of the fresh cutting 1 inch into the EZ Clone Rooting Compound before transferring to your auto cloner or grow dome. Don't let the six-ounce size deceive you, a little bit goes a long way! Active Ingredients - 3-Indole Butyric Acid 3g/L. Inert Ingredients - Vitamin B-1 (Thiamin Hydrochloride).