Some fans that are considered "brushless motors" or "magnetic motors" are Permanent Split-Phase Capacitor motors and require a solid state motor control of the Triac variety. (Vortex, CanFan, Fantech are some)

A Triac type controller sends out specific wavelengths of current to prevent the current from rising and possibly damaging the motor windings.

A variac is a variable transformer that lowers the voltage to the motor, but a lower voltage results in a higer current and can potentially be a problem at very low speeds (under 30%) because of the reduced cooling and higher amperage.

Always check with a fan manufacturer to find out their motor type and if they require a solid state controller.

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  2. Digitally based environmental controller with LCD display with short cycle timer for CO2 enrichment.It uses a 15 foot remote sensor to operate your temperature, humidity, CO2 system and night time gear. This controller gives you the ability to set day and night temperature levels. 15 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz. Learn More
  3. iPonic 614 is a one room, single zone environmental controller that will control 8 different combinations of equipment from a UL listed single point of control. The iPonic total environment controller can control light timers, CO2, temperature, humidity, irrigation, pumps, or even your own custom devices. Every iPonic unit now comes with a pre-installed Communication Module for remote PC, Mac, and smartphone control via an internet browser Learn More
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  7. Automatically increases or decreases fan speed based on controller set points. Temperature control range is 55° F to 95° F. 6 Amps maximum/120 V/60 Hz. Learn More
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  9. Control TWO Grow Rooms from your iPhone for about $900 per room. Customizable, dual zone controller, you can easily monitor two grow rooms simultaneously, with one easy-to-use controller! Sleek design and touchscreen display. Two room, two zone environmental controller that will control 4 different combinations of equipment per room. Ability to change and monitor settings from your smartphone, you will be free from the hassle of constantly checking on your grow room. The 624 will be consistently up to date in real time, on your grow rooms' conditions and should never lose on yields again from poor environment! The iPonic now comes with the communication module built-in. No need to purchase it separately as it's already included when you purchase your iPonic 624 from Learn More
  10. Control your fans via day and night thermostat settings. A built in photocell detects day and night settings. 120 volts AC. 3 year warranty. Learn More
  11. At Plug ‘N’ Grow Controllers, we provide simple and reliable climate controllers for indoor gardening. Our humidity and temperature controllers avoid you from wasting time, efforts and energy. We are proud to build long lasting products including a three-year warranty and free technical support. Every product is hand made and tested before leaving our factory, to ensure accurate CO2, temperature, and humidity ratings. Learn More
  12. The TomatoTent Controller is a stand-alone controller and built-in fan with a touchscreen display for monitoring humidity and temperature and controlling your light and the fan.

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