Botanicare Mobile Rack Tray 4 ft x 8 ft

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    This tray is optimized to eliminate standing water in your vertical system. The Botanicare Mobile Rack Tray is crafted from heavy-duty ABS plastic with long-term performance in mind. It provides a level planting surface, while directing run-off to a central drain with the built-in 1.5” offset. This design helps prevent excess liquid in your setup.

    Tray stand kits can either be vertical or horizontal. Vertical stands stack plants, and are great for saving space and seedling and propagation development. You can set up multiple cloning systems on each wire shelf, and easily move them around. Cloning with these racks allows you to maximize your indoor grow room space. As clones start to root, you can move them into a vegging area.

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    NameBotanicare Mobile Rack Tray 4 ft x 8 ft
    Weight (lbs)56.1
    Size (Dimensions)4' x 8'
    Warranty1 Year
    DimensionsOD: 96" x 48" x 3.8"
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