Gavita Master Controller - EL2 - Gen 2

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    Lighting control at your fingertips! The plug and play solution for 1-1000 e-series fixtures.

    Switch, Dim or Boost Control 80 Lights/Ballasts in one room or 40 ballasts each in Two Rooms with the Gavita Master Controller EL2. This controller can also accept auxiliary environment equipment.

    Lighting control at your fingertips! The Master controller EL1 and EL2 Gen 2 are our entry-level systems for centrally controlling large rooms with e-series fixtures. The second generation of Master controllers features improved and expanded functionality that raises the bar including non-volatile memory, event logging, independent sunrise and sunset settings and independent light cycles on the EL2. The EL1 has one lighting control channel and the EL2 has two lighting control channels. The EL1 can control 500 max repeater bus fixtures and 40 max single bus fixtures without a booster. The EL2 can control 1000 max repeater bus fixtures and 80 max single bus fixtures without a booster.

    Gen 2 improvements

    Memory – All master controllers use dependable, non-volatile memory to store user settings.

    Logging – All master controllers now have logging functions for high/low temperature, last auto-dim event, last shutdown event and last power loss, including the event’s date and time

    Separate sunrise/sunset control – Set different periods for sunrise and sunset

    Independent cycles on EL2 models – These cycles let you program two different, overlapping cycles (for example, a 12/12 on channel 1 and an 18/6 on channel 2).

    Independent programmable External Contactor Modules (ECMs) – In Gen 2 EL2 controllers, now you can choose whether they switch on or off and which channel they follow. The results? Flexible integration and automation.

    Dimmable electronic ballasts have been around for many years now. They offer flexibility when you need lower light intensities, for example during the vegetative phase or when climate conditions are so extreme that a healthy climate is hard to maintain. Moreover, they can be boosted to optimize lamp performance and efficacy. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to adjust multiple ballasts, or be there at the right moment when you need to dim your lights. Another problem is the high current that ballasts require when switched on at the same time (the inrush current). You need elaborate contactor equipped switchboxes to switch your ballasts on and off.

    The Gavita Master Controllers (in combination with suitable Gavita e-series ballasts, or Gavita Pro E-series Complete Fixtures) offer a solution for all these issues, even with a cost reduction when you look at larger climate rooms. Our e-series ballasts no longer require a switchboard to be switched on and off, and no longer need their own switch to dim or boost them. Now you can just touch a few buttons on your controller to be in complete control of all your connected ballasts at once. Our Master controllers do this, and much more!

    Available Models

    The Gavita EL controller series currently comprises of two models: The EL1 and EL2. Both feature auto-dim, auto-shutdown, sunrise/sunset and timer. The EL1 has one output channel, while the EL2 has 2 output channels and additional outputs for External Contactor Modules and alarm contacts. For one room without auxiliary equipment or alarm contacts, the EL1 is the best choice for you. If you require switched auxiliary equipment during lights on / off, alarm contacts and/or a 2 room 12/12 setup, the EL2 is most suitable.

    Functionality Overview

    Easy Installation

    Installing the Master Controller is a breeze: it's a matter of plugging in, setting the dials of the ballasts to EXT (External control) and looping the low voltage control cord from the controller to your ballasts - all plug and play. Easy, safe and flexible.

    Clear Interface

    The five language interface is intuitive to use with just 5 buttons. In plain text you see all settings, warnings and statuses. For an easy overview we have added LEDs for each output channel, which indicate whether the lights are on, dimming or shut down due to a dangerous high temperature. The indication LEDs are supported by a full text warning on the high quality green OLED display.

    Replaces Timers and Contactors

    You can plug your ballasts directly into mains outlets. You do not need any timers or contactor boxes any more: the ballasts are in stand-by mode and wake up when they get the signal from the controller. This means that you don't have any inrush any more when you switch on your ballasts. Just set the on/off time on the controller and you are good to go.

    Flexible Switching

    The EL2 controller offers you a main and an auxiliary channel which follow each other or work alternating. The latter is specifically for when you want to optimize your power utilization in the generative phase, running 2 rooms with the light alternating every 12 hours in two climate rooms. Easy and flexible.

    Dimming and Boosting

    Once you have connected your ballasts to the controller and set the on/off time you can set the output power centrally by the push of a few buttons. You can choose to have the output power displayed as a percentage or in actual output wattage of your ballasts. We even offer you a sunrise/sunset time setting in which the lamps ramp up or down at the start and end of the cycle. Autodim and safety shutdown based on room temperature. The Master controller is equipped with temperature sensors. Though we do not intend for you to use the Master controller as a climate controller, it can help you save your crop when temperatures in your room rise beyond your climate control capabilities. At a set temperature (normally a few degrees above your set ideal climate temperature) the Master controller will automatically dim your lamps, to prevent crop damage. In case of a complete ventilation failure or other calamity, when temperatures rise even more, the Master controller shuts down all connected equipment and activates the alarm contact.

    Switching Auxiliary Equipment

    The Master controller has two outputs for optional External Contactor Modules (ECMs). These industry grade contactor units can switch a load up to 15 amps of accessories during either lights on or lights off period. Using the ECMs you can switch, for example, your humidifier, heating, CO2 equipment and watering systems. As the ECMs are steered by a low voltage signal you can even locate them close to the accessories themselves, enabling easy installation and optimal flexibility.

  • Replace switch board completely and eliminates inrush
  • Central lighting control: switch, dim and boost 80 ballasts
  • Control one room or two separate rooms 12/12
  • Auto-dim at high temperature
  • Auto shutdown at emergency temperature
  • Alarm interface
  • sunrise / sunset
  • 2x15 amps auxiliary contactor units (optional)
  • Accurate temperature probe for Main channel, 15' cord. Failure and disconnections detection also for Aux Channel
  • Cage clamp connectors for alarm contacts and Extrernal Contactor Modules.

    Controller Specificiations

    24 Hour Timer (on/off)
    Set Ouput level: 50-115%
    Select Ballast Type: 400/600/750/1000W
    Show Ouput as W or %
    auto-dim at set temp
    Auto shutdown at Set Temp
    Sunrise / Sunset period
    Outputs: 2 (main/aux)
    Temperature Sensors: 2 (for two rooms 12/12)
    # of Ballasts per output: 40
    Total number of ballasts: 80 either in one room or 2x40 in 12/12
    Warranty: 3 years
    External Contactor Modules (ECM) will work with this (sold separately)

    ECM Specifications

    Voltage: 120-240V
    Current: 15A AC3
    Switch Type: DPST (Double pole, single throw)
    AC terminals: Male and Female plug (depending on market and voltage), 40 cm / 1'4" cords
    Steering Input: Low voltage from controller, cage clamps
    On-indication: Blue LED
    Warranty: 3 years

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    NameGavita Master Controller - EL2 - Gen 2
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