Gavita Pro Plus 1000w HPS DE Lamp

1000W Double Ended HPS Lamp from Gavita. This bulb is designed to burn brighter than standard single ended 1000w HPS bulbs with the same wattage input. This is the highest-end Gavita brand bulb available, known as the Gavita Pro Plus 1000w EL DE. There is also the Gavita Pro 1000w DE bulb, which is less expensive.
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Additional Information

Name Gavita Pro Plus 1000w HPS DE Lamp
Brand Gavita
SKU 906025
UPC 8718403054132
Weight (lbs) 1
Warranty 1 Year
Watts 1000w
MSRP $147.95
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    A: This is just the Gavita lamp. If you'd like the Gavita lamp and reflector combo, you'll want to purchase this item (which is a discount over buying them separately):
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    A: This product listing, the Gavita Pro Plus 1000w HPS DE Lamp, is the bulb only. There is a combo package that includes the Gavita Pro Plus 1000w HPS DE Lamp AND the Gavita Reflector Replacement HortiStar 96 1000 DE Deep Penetration. Following is the link to that comb package: Happy growing!
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    A: This Lamp is suitable for use In the Gavita E Series fixtures.
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    A: This bulb is meant to be used with high frequency high voltage ballasts. The ballast must be 400 volts for these bulbs to operate properly. Happy growing!
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    A: Yes you can. Make sure the ballast you use with this bulb is a high frequency 1000w DE ballast and you should be good to go. Happy growing!
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    A: The Gavita Pro Plus 1000w HPS DE Lamp is only suitable for high frequency, high voltage electronic ballasts (Gavita Pro series or the like). Make sure the ballast is capable of delivering 400V to the bulb. This is not the voltage draw of the ballast from the wall, rather the voltage that the ballast can supply to the bulb. Happy growing!
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    A: It is actually the lamp that runs off of 400v. The ballast uses the input voltage of 120v or 240v and then steps it up to 400v for the lamp to use.

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Gavita Pro Plus 1000w EL DE is one of the best 1000 watt HPS lamps on the market. Specifically designed for high frequency electronic ballasts it has a connection at each side of the lamp, removing the need for a frame wire inside the lamp. The absence of a frame wire eliminates any shadows in the beam. Instead of being vacuumed it is gas filled, which allows for a smaller arc tube, improving the optical control. For use with any double ended grow light fixture. The highest known output lamp available for DE fixtures is the 1000w DE lamp comparison.

What are the benefits of Double Ended bulbs?
  1. Double Ended HPS bulbs degrade slower than traditional single ended HPS bulbs. In fact, after 10,000 hours double ended lamps will still output approximately 90% of their original intensity.
  2. Double Ended HPS bulbs are more stable than traditional single ended HPS bulbs, and this allows them to have a 10% increase in light intensity and PAR output over traditional single ended HPS bulbs.
  3. Double Ended HPS bulbs emit more UV and IR light than traditional single ended HPS bulbs, increasing the potency and essential oils of oil producing plants.
  4. HPS 1000w 400v EL Double Ended (EL-special designed for electronics)
Highest Micromole output in the industry.


  • Professional European 1000 W high frequency horticultural lamp
  • No wireframe, quartz glass outer bulb for perfect optical quality
  • Double ended, K12 x 30S lamp base for accurate lamp positioning
  • Extremely high photosynthetic photon fl ux (ppf): 2100 μmol (see specs)
  • Only suitable for high frequency, high voltage Electronic ballasts (Gavita Pro series)
  • 1 year warranty on suitable electronic ballasts (Gavita Pro series)


  • Brand: Gavita
  • Type: Pro EL 1000 Watt
  • Power: 1000 Watt
  • Lamp base: K12 x 30S
  • Growlight (µMol): 100 μmol
  • Voltage: 400V
  • Article Number:
  • EAN code: 8718403054132

**Do not handle with bare hands. Oil from your hands can damage the lamp.**

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What they dont tell includes a reflector! Review by Polecat
Overall Rating
I was trying to figure out why the box was so big then I noticed these bulbs are not actually the whole replacement kit. It also includes a brand new shiny (HR96) 138 degree reflectors in addition to the replacement bulb. Way to go Growers House and Gavita! (Posted on 11/2/2017)
Better than other brands Review by Suz
Overall Rating
In my opinion Gavita Lamp/Bulbs are definitely better than any other brands that I have tried and the only brand that I would use. Shipping was fast and came in great condition, no breakage! (Posted on 10/11/2017)
Killer Review by MR.B
Overall Rating
Tried solis and kind. Gavita takes the cake awesome product excellent results. If u want great results get a gavita! (Posted on 3/12/2017)
Highest Output Review by Kirk
Overall Rating
We've tested a number of lamps for PAR. This one is tops so far. (Posted on 1/4/2016)
it is brighter Review by gardeningfool
Overall Rating
There is as much difference going from regular electronic ballasts and mod. base bulbs to this as there is in going from conventional ballasts to electronic.They do pay for themselves. (Posted on 7/4/2015)
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