Gavita Pro 1000 E-Series DE 120-240V Fixture

The new Gavita Pro line e-series complete fixtures are next generation professional grow light solutions. Using high-output, high frequency lamps, the Gavita Pro 1000 e-series ballasts are now capable of being remote controlled by the Gavita Master Controller. Comes with an 8 foot 240v power cord.
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Additional Information

Name Gavita Pro 1000 E-Series DE 120-240V Fixture
Brand Gavita
SKU 906088
UPC 8718403053333
Weight (lbs) 15
Warranty 3 Year
Dimensions 22.4 x 9.5 x 10.2”
Watts 1000w
Voltage 120-240v
UL Listed Yes
ETL Listed Yes
CE Listed Yes
MSRP $649.99
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    A: Gavita recommends replacing the bulb in the fixture once a year. Happy growing!
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    A: The E-series Gavitas are able to be used with the EL1 and EL2 Master controllers. The regular Gavita pro Lights are not. Both emit the same light however the E-series units have dimming and High temp shut off functions as well as some others to increase versatility.
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    A: Since this is an open fixture we do not recommend using MH lamps in these fixtures. MH lamps require protection and are not rated for use in open fixtures.
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    A: Yes this Fixture can be used in any 120v or 240v outlet. Standard house hold outlets are 120v.
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    A: The Gavita Pro 1000 E-Series DE 120-240V Fixture comes standard with a 240v power cord. To run the fixture at 120v all you need to do is use a Smart Volt Power Cord -- 120V that is sold separately on our website. It is that easy! Happy growing!
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    A: Tomatoes grow best with daytime temps between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Aim for those temps to avoid temperature related problems. Happy growing!
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    A: 6000 btu's per light to offset heat
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    A: This unit give off about 6000 BTU's
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    A: Yes. Watts = Volts x Amps
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    A: Yes, both lamps will fit in the fixture without modifications and maintain a 5'x5' footprint. However; Solis Tek highly recommends using their products together and suggests running their lamps with their ballasts
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    A: Yes this is a complete fixture with lamp, ballast and reflector :)
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    A: The fixture weighs approximately 14lbs
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    A: Typically people prefer to Veg under lamps between 4-6K and Flower under lamps around 2K.; however, duration of night period is the most influential trigger. Some people Veg under HPS lamps (2K). Plants that veg under blue spectrum (4-6K) will typically have shorter internode length. If you would like to Veg with the same lamp, just make sure that your night period is less than 12 hours (for tomatoes). Other crops can require different lengths of night period to remain vegetative.
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    A: yes
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    A: The Gavita pro 1000 E-Series DE fixtures use a 400v 1000w double ended Gavita Pro bulb.
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    A: The Gavita Ballast can differentiate between 120v and 240v without having to change any settings. You just need to use a 120v Smart Volt cord, rather than the 240v cord.
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    A: You would probably not want to have these Gavitas any closer than three feet from the tops of your plants.
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    A: To get an even print at 750nm+ you should space the lights evenly five feet apart from one another.
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    A: For four of these units we would recommend a grid pattern where each light illuminates approximately a 5' x 5' to 6' x 6' canopy area. The configuration can be in any orientation, but the intensity is slightly higher on the sides of the fixture than it is on the front and back i.e., there is less intensity shooting out from the poles of the DE lamp than there is from the sides of the lamp.
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    A: The Gavita Pro 1000 E-Series DE 120-240V Fixture can support the Ushio Double Ended Bulb, most definitely.

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Growers House offers light design plans for large cultivation operations including greenhouses and indoor cultivation. If you would like assistance in setting up, organizing, and optimizing your new or already existing indoor garden, and/or getting bulk pricing, please give us a call at 855-289-1441 or message us. The Gavita Pro 1000 E-Series DE Fixture comes with free shipping.

NEW! Introducing Gavita Pro line E-series Pro 1000e DE US

The best just got better! The new Gavita Pro line e-series are improved models and are suitable for central control with the Gavita Master lighting controllers. Now you can have complete lighting control at your fingertips. The Gavita Pro 1000 Double Ended E-Series is the most powerful and sophisticated indoor grow light available. In greenhouse areas where this unit is being used as supplemental lighting, it can cover up to a 10' x 10' area. If used as a primary light source, the Gavita Pro 1000 E-Series Double Ended fixture can cover up to a 6' x 6' area. Use the Gavita Master Controllers to control up to 40 (Gavita Master Controller EL1) or 80 (Gavita Master Controller EL2) lights.

  • Completely sealed housing with GORE-TEX ® ventilation plug,no moving parts, completely silent and cool to the touch
  • Suitable for high frequency 400V electronic horticultural lamps with 10-25% more output than traditional HPS lamps
  • High light maintenance: >95% per year so you only need to change your lamp once per year
  • Replaceable 96% efficient Gavita HR96 reflector for optimal efficiency (HRW wide reflector as an option as from Q3 2014)
  • Controllable output: dim or boost your light to adjust it to changing circumstances or grow phases
  • Soft dim which gradually changes the output when switched, eliminating stress on the lamp
  • Equipped with very high frequency Gavita electronics (>100 kHz)
  • No electromagnetic interference problems through the integrated design.

  • Features & Benefits

  • The professional fixture of choice
  • Comes with a Gavita Pro Plus 1000W 400V DE EL lamp, 2100 μmol s-1
  • Highest output and efficacy in the market (A++ energy label)
  • Suitable for Gavita Master Controller
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Lights more than 21 square feet with 1000 μmol m-2 s-1

  • Specifications

    Input Voltage: 120-240V (± 10%)
    Input Voltage 1: 120 V
    Input Current 1: 9.25A (at 100%) 10.6A (at 115%)
    Input Power 1:1085W (at 100%) 1240W (at 115%)
    Input Voltage 2: 240 V
    Input Current 2: 4.6A (at 100%) 5.3A (at 115%)
    Input Power 2:1055W (at 100%) 1210W (at 115%)
    Power Factor: 0.95 - 0,98
    THD: less than 10%
    Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
    Input Connection: IEC C14
    Adjustable: 600/750/825/1000 /1150W/EXT
    Certification: CSA
    External dim: Gavita Master controller analog protocol (less than 11,5V)
    External dim connector: 1 x RJ14 connector build in (6P4C)
    Article Number:
    EAN code: 8718403053333

    Gavita Pro 1000 DE E-Series Accessories Included: User manual, 8 ft 240V power cord, (2)2 RJ14 controller cables and a T-splitter for plug and play installation, Gavita Pro electronic lamp, 3 years warranty on fixture, 1 year warranty on lamp.

    About Gavita: Gavita is the oldest specialised horticultural lighting company. We build on 30 years of accumulated knowledge and innovation. Many of the Gavita innovations are now de facto standards in horticultural lighting. In 2009 Gavita entered the hobby / hydroponics market as Gavita Holland bv with a selection of adapted professional luminaries and a series of new products, specifically aimed at the hobby indoor en greenhouse grower.

    Gavita Pro 1000e DE (600-1150 Watt) 120/240 Volt

    What are the benefits of Double Ended bulbs?

    1. Double Ended HPS bulbs degrade slower than traditional single ended HPS bulbs. In fact, after 10,000 hours double ended lamps will still output approximately 90% of their original intensity.

    2. Double Ended HPS bulbs are more stable than traditional single ended HPS bulbs, and this allows them to have a 10% increase in light intensity and PAR output over traditional single ended HPS bulbs.

    3. Double Ended HPS bulbs emit more UV and IR light than traditional single ended HPS bulbs, increasing the potency and essential oils of oil producing plants.

    Want read more about double ended 1000w fixtures, read our blog post 1000 watt Comparison Review of DE fixtures to see how the Gavita stacked up against other similar grow lights.

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    About Gavita:
    Gavita is the oldest company specializing in horticultural lighting. Gravita is building on 30 years of accumulated knowledge and innovation. Many of the Gavita innovations are now de facto standards in horticultural lighting. In 2009 Gavita entered the hobby / hydroponics market as Gavita Holland with a selection of adapted professional luminaries and a series of new products, specifically aimed at the hobby indoor and greenhouse grower.

Customer Reviews

Great lights Review by lukilari
Overall Rating
I purchased several Gavita Pro 1000 E-Series DE. We love the lights and would recommend them to anybody who needs this type of lighting. (Posted on 9/27/2016)
awesome Review by jeffw36
Overall Rating
very nice. got the el2 controller . love the the sun raise sunset option. the temperature driven auto dim saved me too (Posted on 4/24/2016)
Best lighting Review by jmeagle66
Overall Rating
Best lighting I used.results are outstanding.I can't say enough on how good these light are.I switched my lights to all gavitas.electric use is less.and with controller outstanding. (Posted on 3/26/2016)
Awesome Product, Great Price Review by JJoplin
Overall Rating
I love the Gavitas. I just recently bought 3 more to add to my room. They work great use less electricity then my old HPS/MH lights, and much less heat. Soon the whole room will be full of the Gavita Pro 1000e's. (Posted on 1/17/2016)
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