General Hydroponics Flora Series Performance Pack

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The FloraSeries Performance Pack includes 16oz bottles of the 3 part Flora Series, 8oz samples of FloraBlend and Liquid KoolBloom supplements, 4oz FloraKleen and 1oz samples of RapidStart, Floralicious Plus and pH Test Indicator.

General Hydroponics Starter Flora Series Performance Pack is designed to excel in coco, hydroponics, and soil! This full line of nutrients is made to give your plants exactly what they need for maximum yields. General Hydroponics has been perfecting their nutrient regimen since the '70s and is one of the best nutrient brands on the market.

General Hydroponics Flora Starter Pack Contains:
  • 16oz FloraMicro
  • 16oz FloraGro
  • 16oz FloraBloom
  • 8oz FloraBlend
  • 8oz Liquid KoolBloom
  • 4oz FloraKleen
  • 1oz RapidStart
  • 1oz Floralicious Plus
  • 1oz pH Test Indicator
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    Name General Hydroponics Flora Series Performance Pack
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