GeoPot Self-Supporting Square Bottom - Tan (Pack of 10)

Geopot is a fabric plant container that breathability allows airto prune your plants' roots when they reach grow to the edges of the container or pot. Tan Square bottom, sold in packs of 10 pots.


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Name GeoPot Self-Supporting Square Bottom - Tan (Pack of 10)
Brand GeoPot
Dimensions 1 Gallon
MSRP $31.00
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    A: Firstly, we here at GH appreciate your service, thank you! Although we don't have a standing veterans/active duty discount, we do regularly offer a rotating selection of discounts on our huge catalog of products!
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    A: Yes, they have them with, or without handles.
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    A: 16 (The pots are 27" in diameter and 18" tall) Keep in mind you may want to space them or have room to walk.
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    A: Yes they are: The handles on the Geopot Fabric Pot with Handles are constructed with marine-grade, durable stitching to ensure they stay happily attached - no matter the job. Here is a link to view:
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    A: Approximately 5.5 cubic feet

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Geopot Self-Supporting Square Bottom - Tan

Geopot is a fabric plant container that breathability allows airto prune your plants' roots when they reach grow to the edges of the container or pot.

The process of air root pruning helpes force roots to branch out with more fibrous type feeder roots which are more efficient in taking in nutrients and water. The highly durable geotextile fabric is porous, provides great drainage, allowing air into the root zone and creating a perfect healthy environment for roots. This combination of air pruning and aeration of the root zone allows your plants to reach their fullest and biggest potential.

All of the seams in the Geopot product line are sewn with a high quality bonded polyester thread that will withstand constant moisture and UV exposure.

1 Gallon - 7" Diameter x 6" Height
2 Gallon - 8.5" Diameter x 7.5" Height
3 Gallon - 10.5" Diameter x 9" Height
5 Gallon - 12" Diameter x 10.5" Height
7 Gallon - 14" Diameter x 11" Height
10 Gallon - 16" Diameter x 12" Height
15 Gallon - 18" Diameter x 13" Height
20 Gallon - 20" Diameter x 15" Height
25 Gallon - 21" Diameter x 16.5" Height
30 Gallon - 24" Diameter x 16.5" Height
45 Gallon - 27" Diameter X 18" Heigh
65 Gallon - 32" Diameter X 18" Height
100 Gallon - 38" Diameter X 20" Height
150 Gallon - 44" Diameter X 23" Height
200 Gallon - 50" Diameter X 24" Height
300 Gallon - 60" Diameter X 28" Height
400 Gallon - 70" Diameter X 30" Height

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Disintegrate quickly Review by Duque
Overall Rating
I run a small production nursery where we have tested and used various fabric/air-pruning pots from about 10 manufacturers. Geo-pots were, BY FAR, the worst.

They're very attractive and appear well made at first glance. ...that didn't last long.
- Ever single container, from 1 gallon to 10 gallons, ripped below the top seam throughout the first growing season. It didn't matter if we were lifting or just turning them. The bag (not the seam) would either rip or someone's thumb would simply poke through it, like wet cardboard.

I WANTED them to succeed, as they were unique and very attractive. So, I emailed them multiple times, left messages, and tried to contact them through their website to let them know of the problem.

* I received NO RESPONSE. No "Thank you for the heads-up", no "Sorry, can we send you some replacements", ... nothing.

I will never use their products, both for their poor quality and non-existent customer service. (Posted on 8/5/2018)
1 gall. Clone pots Review by DJ BUD
Overall Rating
These are the Best Pots - and they stand the test of Time. (Posted on 1/27/2017)
Geo Pots Review by Kokomo
Overall Rating
I have been using these for quite some time and love them. They allow the roots to thrive by creating a well-aerated environment in the growing medium, as well as air pruning the root tips to encourage side growth instead of root circling that occurs in plastic containers, leading to a larger and more robust root ball.
The pots with the velcro are especially handy if you plan on transplanting. Also, the tan color helps to mitigate heat better than the black when growing outdoors, a nice feature for sunny climates. Handles on the larger models make moving them a bit easier.
The larger sizes can produce some really massive plants, but they all work great and I have gotten amazing results with all sizes.
Would recommend these to anyone growing indoors or out! (Posted on 5/7/2016)
Geo Pots 5 Gallons Review by flightwingslight
Overall Rating
I used 5 gallon square geo pots in my last grow with huge yield. Post harvest I removed the square dirt ball to find the roots completely surrounded by dirt not pot for more nutrient support for my very successful grow. There was a good 2 inches still between the wall of the pot and the roots. I had no root rot, roots were super healthly. Lots of folks as me how I avoid the overflow when watering from the top through the fabric. Once the pot fabric is wet this does not occur, however, if I am going to water with a large amount, I wrap the pot in Walmart vinyl sold by the yard for about $2.79 before dumping about a gallon of water into them when they are dry. This works really well by retaining all the water into the soil and distributes water evenly into the fabric. I can then remove the vinyl and go back again and water with no overflow. Or I push them all together. Wrap with vinyl all 6 around the groip, this also prevents overflow. The benefits received with this extra effort are well worth it in production on the part of the plant. (Posted on 6/21/2014)
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