Grasshopper Extractor 4.20

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    Flash freezes plant material with liquid CO2 in 30 seconds. Processes up to 6 lbs of plant material in one hour. Uses a 400 watt ⅓ horsepower motor. Easy to use and easy to clean.

    2 week lead time. CO2 Tank Sold Separately.

    The Grasshopper Extractor 4.20 uses liquid CO2 to flash freeze your plant material instead of crushed dry ice that the Grasshopper Extractor uses. The liquid CO2 freezes the plant material in 30 seconds.

    The Grasshopper Extractor 4.20 can fully process up to one pound of dry plant material in as little as 5 minutes, generating pure kief with yields up to 25 percent after two runs.

    The speed with which the plant material is frozen permits you to process up to six pounds of plant material in just one hour.

    The Grasshopper Extractor 4.20 uses a 400 watt ⅓ horsepower motor permitting the user to go further and faster with his investment. The Grasshopper Extractor 4.20 is designed to stand the test of time and there is no substitute in value with this clean green working machine.

    The Grasshopper Extractor 4.20 comes with 149, 100 and 74 micron screens.

    Besides being easy to use with its rubber straps that make attaching screens easy and effortless, The Grasshopper is easy to clean. Simply blow out the screens with compressed air; there are no solvents, cleaners, or lubricants required.

    The Grasshopper Extractor 4.20 – Shaking Things up

    Watch the Grasshopper Extractor 4.20 in Action!
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