Grodan Stonewool Gro-Slabs Uni-Slab 9.5 inch x 8 inch x 4 inch (case of 16)

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Case of 16 The Uni-Slab is specifically designed with one plant in mind, hence the name. This smaller size meets the challenge of mobility for re-arranging plants as needed. The slab has certain advantages over the big blocks; one, the top plastic protects completely from algae growth and two, the low height provides a sturdier base-meaning the plants are less likely to fall over. Use drip or top irrigation for Uni-Slabs with Gro-Blocks™ on top.The Rockwool volume of the Uni-Slab is 304 oz.
Gro-Slabs provide the final stage for growing a spectacularly large plant. Transplant your Gro-Block plant onto a slab just like professional growers. They come in clearly marked biodegradable UV resistant sleeves for comfortable handling and algae prevention. Uni-slab - All plant roots are protected and contained for the life of the plant. Due to its size, the Uni-Slab is perfect for one large plant. Uni-Slab has the benefits of a slab with the versatility of a block. Expert slabs have vertical fibers for faster drainage; best for hobbyists. Classic slabs have horizontal fibers for slower drainage; best for hot/dry climates.

  • Vertical fibers in Expert slabs provide faster drainage - best for hobbyists.
  • Horizontal fibers in Classic slabs provide slower drainage - best for hot/dry climates.

  • If your time is limited and you wish to simply hand water twice a week or if you have never used a GRO-SLAB™ and want to experiment with a small one first, then the UNI-SLAB™ is for you. The UNI-SLAB offers a low-maintenance, simple way for growers to have fresh herbs, healthy greens or one larger plant in a small area. By keeping the wrapping on the rockwool, nutrients and moisture last longer by slowing the evaporation process. The best part of the UNI-SLAB is that it is self contained. So if growing one large plant and disease occurs, the roots won't spread the disease to other plants.
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    Name Grodan Stonewool Gro-Slabs Uni-Slab 9.5 inch x 8 inch x 4 inch (case of 16)
    Brand Grodan
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    Dimensions 9.5" x 8" x 4"