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  1. Grove Bags TerpLoc™ pouch line is designed around the plants unique properties to maintain weight, prevent mold, and preserve the terpene profile. Once your product is sealed inside, all unwanted gases and water vapor are actively diffused through the pouches layers creating a relative humidity level of 62% and limiting the oxidation of the product stored inside. Learn More
  2. TerpLoc™ creates the optimal microclimate for storing flower by regulating the relative humidity in the packaging while protecting your product from exterior elements that would degrade its quality. TerpLoc™ is designed to provide peace of mind. Grove Bags - TerpLoc UV - Window Learn More
  3. Grove Bags - TerpLoc Ultraclear - Opaque Learn More
  4. Move your product. Mind your own business. Our Ultra Stealth pouch is the ideal solution when discretion is critical. Designed with transportation in mind, these pouches are made of the highest odor barrier technology ever made. The Ultra Stealth pouches come completely unbranded and in one size: a 1lb pouch for transporting flower. Learn More
  5. Attention Extractors, freeze your product quickly and confidently. Place your prepped material into our Fresh Frozen pouches as soon as possible to retain the full plant profile and process the highest quality concentrates possible. Learn More
  6. Grove Bags Wicket Bags are perfect for all of your bulk storage needs. They are made from our patented TerpLoc™ film with added UV protection, and come in two sizes. Both sizes come with 100 bags preloaded on a wicket to help streamline your process and improve efficiency. The small size can line a 5-gallon bucket and the large size fits into a 27-gallon tote when full. Never use a terpene-destroying turkey bag again! Learn More
  7. Grove Bags liners utilize the benefits of our Terploc™ film with increased industrial strength and puncture resistance for both 27-gallon totes and 55-gallon drums, making them the perfect option for storing & transporting large quantities of flower or trim. Learn More
  8. Grove Bag Super Sac like the rest of our packaging utilizes our TerpLoc™ film but has been specifically tailored for the high volumes in the hemp & biomass segments of the industry, enabling over 200lbs of product to be processed at once inside of traditional liners. Learn More

Grove Bag has created a proprietary blend of film called TerpLoc ™ that is truly first of its kind. When it comes to the business of flower, every single gram matters and if the product isn’t stored properly margins shrink dramatically. Unlike competitors, Grove Bags TerpLoc™ packaging has been custom designed around the unique properties of the plant in order to create the most effective packaging available in the industry. The full product scope of bags brings together active humidity control with antimicrobial properties to maintain low oxygen levels to form the perfect “... climate.”