Grow Crew 1000w Wing Package

A great budget 1000w grow setup to get large yields with a small initial investment. The Grow Crew package is put together with compatible components that will offer the best bang-for-your-buck solution for an indoor garden.

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Name Grow Crew 1000w Wing Package
Brand Prism Lighting Science
Watts 1000w
Voltage 120-240v
Lumens 140,000
ETL Listed Yes
CE Listed Yes
MSRP $399.99
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This 1000w Digital Ballast package will get you started growing quickly with these compatible products put together by the Growers House Staff. This package is good for a growing area up to 4' x 4' square. The components are:

Prism Lighting Science 1000w Double Ended (DE) Ballast 120/240v

The Prism Lighting Science high frequency digital ballast features a 105 kHz microprocessor designed for optimizing the output of double ended (DE) lamps. Use 2100 micromole (Pro Plus) version lamps in this ballast to get the most out of your bulb and this ballast combination. Has soft start technology and dimmability from: 1150w, 1000w, 750w, and 600w. It's recommended you only run 1000w lamps in this ballast. This DE high frequency ballast is UL listed. Comes with 240v power cord (NEMA 6-15P). The Prism 1000w Ballast does not work with any Flipbox controllers including: Powerbox Flipbox, Horti-Control Flipbox, Lightspeed Flipbox, and more. When you order from Growers House, the PLS 1000w ballast comes with both 120v and 240v power cords.

    Ballast Specifications
  • Wattage: 1000W
  • Input Volt: 120V/240V
  • Runs at 600, 750, 1000, 1150 volts power, dimmable
  • Allows 50 hertz to 60 hertz
  • Has a Power Factor of 99.9%
  • Has soft start technology
  • DE high frequency ballast is UL listed

Pluto Wing Reflector

  • High Reflective German Imported Aluminum
  • Includes Socket & 15ft Power Cord
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel mounting bracket.
  • Corners are rounded – no sharp corners unlike competitive “gull-wing” type reflectors.
  • Pre-wired with lamp cord and socket.
  • Does not accept glass.
  • Dimensions: 19" L X 18" W X 4" H.

Grow Crew 1000w Commercial HPS Bulb

The Grow Crew 1000w Commercial High Pressure Sodium lamp is designed to give you the greatest PAR (photsynthetically active radiation) per dollar to increase your yields while not breaking the bank. The Grow Crew 1000 watt HPS can be used with magnetic and digital ballasts. The Grow Crew 1000w Commercial bulb is built with high quality components to last longer than competitors bulbs. We don't spend money on marketing, we simply offer great products at the best prices.

The Grow Crew bulb comes out of the same factory as the Plantmax bulbs. The bulbs are identical, yet Grow Crew bulbs come in white packaging to save on costs, which are then passed on to you.

Grow Crew 1000w Commercial HPS Specifications:

  • Initial Lumens: 140,000
  • Glass Size: ET25
  • CCT: 2,000
  • ANSI: S52
  • Rated Life: 24,000 hrs
  • Color Spectrum: 2000 Kelvin

    Grow Crew 1/8" Ratchet Light Hanger (Pair)

    Grow Crew Easy Ratchet Hanger holds up to 63 Kg or 138 pounds. Grow Crew Easy Ratchet Hangers pull tight, lock in place, will never break or slip, and will not rust. Made with special composite material. Heat and cold resistant. 6' braided polypropylene rope.

    Smart Volt Power Cord -- 120V 6ft This is the common 120V ballast and light fixture cord that works with most light fixtures available in the market including Gavita, Solis Tek, Phantom, Galaxy, Hydrofarm, Sunlight Supply, Sun System, Lumatek, and many, many more. This power cord is approximately 6 feet in length. 16GA.