Grow Crew HO T5 4’, 4 Bulb Fixture w/ Bulbs White *CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE*

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This 4' 4 lamp High Output T5 fixture comes with your choice of bulb spectra, so you can customize the light your plants get to their precise needs. The housing is powder coated to withstand humid environments without rusting or corroding. Two switches on the side to control whether you want four or eight lights on at once. Highly reflective German aluminum interior with 96% reflectivity.


This item is currently unavailable. We recommend the second version of the Grow Crew Fluorescent T5 Fixture as a replacement.

The Grow Crew fluorescent T5 fixture is ideal for those looking to use a compact, low heat light with high efficiency. You can fully customize your unit with your choice in combination of red (3000k) or blue (6500k) bulbs. Each bulb is 54w, giving the unit a total of 216w of total light output. Beat the heat with the Grow Crew HO (high output) T5 fluorescent grow light fixture. This economical 1 x 4 foot light source produces up to 20,000 lumens, as much as a 250 watt metal halide, but with virtually no heat, eliminating the need for costly and space-hogging ventilation systems. Two programmed start, 120 volt electronic ballasts are built in and controlled by separate switches, allowing you to run two lamp types (vegetative and flowering) within the same fixture. The Grow Crew T5 Fluorescent light fixture is perfect for the starting or professional grower and can be daisy-chained to matching fixtures for nearly unlimited expansion. Use the supplied wire hangers to mount the light in any indoor location.

Grow Crew 120v/240v T5 Fixtures Spec Sheet

Grow Crew 277V T5 Fixture Spec Sheet

   Daisy Chainable - Up to 3 Fixtures
   Your Choice of combination of 3000k and 6500k bulbs
   Powder Coated Steel Housing
   Imported European 95% High Reflectivity Aluminum Reflector
   110V/120V Operating Voltage
   15 Foot Power Cord
   UL Listed

Growers House Bulb Choice Recommendations:

  • 4 Red: Flowering Phase
  • 3:1 Red/Blue: Flowering Phase / Side Lighting for Flower
  • 2:2 Red/Blue: Side Lighting for Flower
  • 1:3 Red/Blue: Vegetative/Propagation Phase / Side Lighting for Vegetative
  • 4 Blue: Vegetative/Propagation Phase
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    Name Grow Crew HO T5 4’, 4 Bulb Fixture w/ Bulbs White *CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE*
    Brand Grow Crew
    SKU 140150WF-0
    MSRP $139.95
    Warranty 5 Year
    Dimensions 46.8" X 13.1" X 2.3"
    Voltage 120v
    Lumens 20,000
    UL Listed Yes