Parts / Accessories
Find parts and accessories for your grow lights including power cords, plug adapters, sockets, replacement glass for reflectors, PAR meters, and other miscellaneous parts to keep your grow room in top shape.

  1. $25.21

    For use with Titan Controls® Kronus® models. Cat 5e cables. RJ-45 plugs. Booted connection to avoid corrosion. Learn More
  2. $23.38

    15 ft lamp cord with socket for use with all mogul based HPS & MH lamps (ballast required). SL/standard/Sunlight ballast socket. Learn More
  3. $25.98

    High quality power cords. Use the appropriate cord for your project. Power Cord 50 Amp w/ Plug 6 ft 6/2 - 8/1 Gauge. Learn More
  4. $22.27

    Increase the distance from your ballast and your reflector with this 10 foot long , 14 gauge, lamp extension cord. One Cord. Learn More
  5. $23.96

    EMI can interfere with the TV, WiFi, radio, and cordless telephone reception of surrounding residents, creating an unintended nuisance to neighbors. The Revolution Ballast EMI Filter, you can address the EMI issue from inferior ballasts before it becomes a problem. Learn More
  6. $23.36

    240V 12Ft Dual Ferrite Smart Volt power cord used with SunSystem or other ultra low RFI emission Grow Amp ballasts. Dual ferrite noise dampening cords may be used with other products, dampening ability will vary based on ballast used. Sunlight Supply makes no claims of ballast compliance if this cord is used with any other brand electronic ballast. Learn More
  7. $25.00

    The Kessil Arm Gooseneck is designed to be installed on the posts indoor grow tents and boxes. The arm is 24" long and flexible enough to be maneuvered into the desired position without interfering with existing setups. Learn More

From power cords to adapters and sockets, GrowersHouse carries all the lighting parts and accessories you need for your grow light setup.

Our selection of 120v and 240v power cords connect ballasts to reflectors, ballasts to your power source, or can extend the distance between your socket, ballast, and reflector.

Adapt to almost any situation with our various plug adapters and converters. We carry sockets as replacement parts, or sockets with cords and no reflectors, or sockets with open cords ready to be wired to a power source or ballast.