Power Cords
Use these accessory power cords for 120v and 240v for your ballast or as extensions from your reflector to your ballast. Buy longer cords for those jobs that have your socket far away from your ballast, reflector, or both.

Whether you need a replacement ballast power cord or a daisy chain jumper cord GrowersHouse has a large selection to find the cord you need.

From 6' to 50', or 120v to 240v, our extension power cords will help you reach your grow lighting goals. We carry cords with a molded Ferrite bead or ring that can suppress high-frequency noise from being sent to the device or received by the device. While jumper or patch cords can allow connecting certain lights in series our collection of ballast extension cords connect ballast to reflector or ballast to socket allow more versatility in your grow light set up.