Grow Logic Vertical DE Fixture

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Maximize your yield per plant with this vertical, inter-canopy, DE lighting fixture. It increases bulb life by 10%. This fixture has a ‘roll-lock’ lamp connection system that makes it easy to install and uninstall lamps. 360º safety lens made from Borosilicate glass. The lantern frame made from high grade cold rolled & hot dip galvanized steel. 15ft, 16 guage power cord with SS plug is included. Comes with a 3 year warranty.

Grow Logic Vertical DE Fixture

Vertical growing has been around for many, many years, but in recent times it has been ignored by the vast majority of lighting manufacturers. For over 8 years no new fixtures have been released that target this horticultural niche. Grow Logic is bucking the trend because there are great benefits to vertical growing. Legislation in many states limits the numbers of plants that a grower is allowed to cultivate. Vertical gardening offers the most crop for this limited number of allowable plants.

Vertical farming produces taller plants with large branched canopies. These plants have very different lighting needs than shorter plants. The common overhead lights designed for shorter plants give upper canopy of taller plants enough light, but this lighting doesn't reach the many branched canopies below. Without proper light reaching the lower canopies, the plants will produce low yields. Instead of using overhead lighting, vertically farmed plants benefit most from vertical ‘inter-canopy’ lighting.

Grow Logic's Vertical DE Fixture offers vertical ‘inter-canopy’ lighting, which involves hanging the light source vertically between the plants. This allows the light to reach all of the canopy layers and results in maximum yields per plant.

image of Grow Logic's DE easy roll-lock.

The Grow Logic Vertical DE Fixture gives off the high intensity light of a DE bulb. Traditional connectors for DE bulbs require two hands, are difficult to engage, and are prone to breaking. Grow Logic took a different approach. They designed a ‘roll-lock’ lamp connection system that is much easier. Now installing a new lamp requires only one hand.

image of Grow Logic's DE easy roll-lock.
Compatible With Grow Logic Lamps:

  • DE HPS 1000W
  • DE HPS 750/600W
  • DE CMH 315W
  • DE CMH 630W
  • DE MH 1000W


  • One handed ‘roll-lock’ socket means simple lamp installation
  • Dual frame locking system seals luminaire securely
  • 360º safety lens made from Borosilicate glass
  • Lantern frame made from high grade cold rolled & hot dip galvanized steel
  • 15ft power cord included
  • Runs Grow Logic DE-HPS and DE-CMH lamps
  • No tools needed for assembly
  • Removable Top Hat (sold seperalty)
  • 10% Increased bulb life
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Dimensions: Diameter: 103mm, Length: 562mm
  • Socket type: K12x30s
  • Cord type STO 3 wire
  • Cord gauge: 16
  • Cord length: 15ft
  • Plug type: SS
  • Glass Jacket material: Borosilicate Glass

Note: The Grow logic Vertical DE Fixture does not come with a bulb or a ballast.

Make sure to grab a pair, or box, of your protective eyewear! The Grow Crew recommends using the Summer Blues Optics HPS INVERT for this fixture/lamp type.

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NameGrow Logic Vertical DE Fixture
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Warranty3 Year
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