Grower's Edge Replacement Vaporizer (Sulfur Burner) Cup *Discontinued*

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Replacement cup for Greenhouse and Grower's Edge Deluxe Vaporizer.

Sulfur Vaporizer (Burner) Directions:
Suspend sulfur burner at least 3 ft. away from other surfaces at the tallest point in your grow room or greenhosue, ideally during the darkest part of the day. Use for 3-4 hours for prevention and 5-7 hours to correct existing problems. Use between 1-3 tablespoons of prill per application depending on the severity of the powdery mildew. Do not enter the greenhouse or use ventilation systems while in use.
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Name Grower's Edge Replacement Vaporizer (Sulfur Burner) Cup *Discontinued*
Brand Growers Edge
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