Growers Choice LED ROI-E720 LED Grow Light Fixture - 720W - 3K-277v

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    The Growers Choice + TSL ROI-E720 grow light is an inspired collaboration between two of the most respected lighting companies in horticulture industry. TSL Horti Tech and Growers Choice have joined forces with their years of innovative experience to create this high performance and cost-effective lighting solution for commercial horticulture. The Growers Choice + TSL ROI-E720 grow light is built for high-end growing operations to be used seamlessly with the Growers Choice Master Controller allowing for environmental control of up to 200 fixtures: 100 per zone with 2 zones. IP65 waterproof rating, UL listed, and DLC qualified for municipal lighting rebates.

    The Growers Choice + TSL ROI-E720 LED grow light is designed for commercial growing operations of high-value crops, but can just as easily be used in smaller operations and grow tents. The ROI-E720 LED grow light is the latest offering from Growers Choice taking the place of the extremely popular ROI-E680. The 720 increases the wattage from 680 to 720 and includes newer improvements to LED technology. The ROI can also be used in the BOOST mode to increase the PPF of 1870 umol/s to 2050 umol/s (approximately 10%). 

    ROI-E720 LED Controllability + Growers Choice Master Controller

    The Growers Choice ROI-E720 LED is controllable with Growers Choice Master Controller and is compatible with most other 0-10v digital lighting controllers. Using the Growers Choice Master Controller, growers can set the ROI-E720 LED to turn off and on at desired times based on a schedule, program sunrise/sunset settings, program dimming options and set protective fail-safes to dim or turn off fixtures in the event of excessive environment temperatures, such as HVAC, AC or exhaust fan failure. 

    This Growers Choice dual-channel controller allows daisy-chaining up to 100 fixtures per zone, with 2 zones meaning growers can control up to 200 fixtures with one simple interface. The Growers Choice Master Controller comes with: A. Master controller B. Power adaptor(DC5V/2000mA) C. (2x) 5M Temperature sensor cord D. (2x) Controller wire(5m), RJ9(4P4C) —RJ14(6P4C) E. User Manual. 

    ROI-E720 LED PPFD PAR Charts Over 5' x 5' Grid

    Growers House independently tested the Growers Choice ROI-E720 LED Grow Light to get the PAR readings over a 5' x 5' grid at hanging heights of 12" and 24". See the grids below to view the uniformity of the large form factor for a more even dispersion of light intensity. Growers House has also tested 10+ of the best LED grow lights available in the market on our LED comparison shoot-out. Check it out to learn more. 

    Growers Choice ROI-E720 LED Info + Specifications

    • Recommended hanging heights above canopy:
      • Propagation: 48" 
      • Vegetative: 24"
      • Flowering: 6" to 12"
    • Coverage area:
      • Propagation: 7' x 7'
      • Vegetative: 6' x 6'
      • Flowering: 5' x 5'
    • Onboard dimming function (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%)
    • Fanless design for heat dissipation
    • GC-3k Full Spectrum with 660nm deep red (top bin Osram diodes)
    • Operating temperature: -20°C to +45°C
    • Certifications: IP65 Waterproof; CE, Horti DLC; UL1598 and UL880

    • Recommended for: Home grows, commercial grows, grow rooms, grow tents

    • Optional/add-on Bloom Boost UV-R Bar now available.

    Growers Choice ROI-E720 LED Comes With:

    1. ROI-E720 Series LED grow light
    2. 9' connecting cable
    3. 1' 120v M25 plug
    4. 120v to 240v adapter
    5. Rope ratchet hangers
    6. Information page 
    7. User manual

    Growers Choice ROI-E720 LED Does Not Include:

    1. Growers Choice Master Controller
    2. RJ Data Cable
    3. LED Glasses


    Both the Growers Choice ROI-E680 and ROI-E720 are great, state-of-the-art LED grow lights. The ROI-E720 is designed to be slightly more of a replacement for 1000w HPS lights in indoor grow rooms with taller ceilings. If you're growing in a room with lower ceiling height, or in a multi-tiered fashion, it may make sense to use the ROI-E680 instead so you can get closer to the plants without overpowering them with intensity.


    Yes, Growers Choice LEDs including the 420, 680 and 720 are all DLC listed LED light fixtures meaning they qualify for energy rebates from most local energy companies. This can often mean a rebate of 25-60% of your total fixture cost could be rebated back to you.

    DLC (Design Lights Consortium) Listed Light and Qualified Fixtures

    DLC stands for Design Lights Consortium, a group that certifies light efficiency to be used in energy rebates around the world. The DLC independently certifies the quality and performance of lights, most notably LED grow lights used in commercial growing operations. DLC is used to make sure that lights adhere to the specifications that are advertised. If we say a grow light operates at 2.8 umol/J efficiency and 95 CRI (color rendering index), who is to say we are not lying? Same for Power factor, Kevlin, THD and more. Unfortunately a great number of companies mislead customers on efficacy data. This problem is why the DLC was started and why you should be paying attention, even if you are not eligible for energy rebates from your local energy company.

    An example of a use case for getting a DLC qualified fixture: If you have an existing or new growing operation considering a purchase of 100 HPS 1000w grow light fixtures, you can reach out to your local energy company telling them you're considering buying LEDs instead of continuing to use or replacing your 1000w HPS lights. Most of the time, energy companies will give you 20-60% of your more efficient fixture cost in teh form of a rebate against your future energy bill. For example, if you were getting LED fixtures that cost $1,000 each and the energy company gave you a 60% rebate, they would effectively give you $600 back in credits for each fixture you buy bringing your net cost of the fixture down to $400. For the majority of energy companies, they require DLC qualified fixtures in order to be eligible for a rebate. 

    More Information
    NameGrowers Choice LED ROI-E720 LED Grow Light Fixture - 720W - 3K-277v
    BrandGrowers Choice
    Dimensions46.9" x 46.8" x 3.2"
    Spectral BlendFull Cycle
    Light TypeLED
    Amps6.9A @ 120v | 4.3A @ 208v | 3.4 @ 240v | 3.1A @ 277v
    IP RatingIP65
    UL ListedYes
    FREE ShippingYes