Growers House Ultimate Cloning Package

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This kit includes expert-chosen products for the ultimate plant cloning set-up. Includes 6 products: (1) 10 x 20 in no-hole tray, (1) Clonex rooting gel, (1) 10 x 20 in 72 cell plug tray, (3) disposable scalpels, (1) bag of 100 replacement cubes, and (1) vented 7-in humidity dome. Products offered at a reduced cost as part of the Growers House Ultimate Cloning Package.

The Growers House Ultimate Cloning Package is the best solution for quickly and easily getting your cloning system in place. Clone your plants with confidence with these expert-chosen cloning products offered in this kit at a reduced price compared to buying each product separately.

The Growers House Ultimate Cloning Package includes 6 products (for a total of 8 items):

Growers House Ultimate Cloning Package Product Details:

(1) Super Sprouter Quad Thick Tray No Hole 10 x 20
These cloning trays are built tough... four times the thickness of regular 1020 trays. No need to use multiple trays when one FHD 1020 tray will do the trick. These trays will not break like other flimsy trays. Plan on keeping these quad thick propagation and seedling trays for years.

(1) Clonex Gel - Rooting Gel - 100 mL
Clonex Rooting Gel contains a unique blend of hormones, anti-fungal agents, vitamins, and minerals in a highly tenacious and stabilized gel base. Clonex Rooting Gel is registered with the EPA and is approved for use on all food crops in all 50 states plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico and is the only rooting gel approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

(1) Super Sprouter 72 Cell Plug Tray - Square Holes 10 x 20
Fits snugly in a standard 10” x 20” propagation flat. Heavier duty than competitive inserts.

(3) Disposable Sterile Scalpels
Use this individually wrapped sterilized scalpel for all your plant cuttings. A sterile scalpel will help prevent disease and damage to any cutting. Blades are sterilized and individually wrapped.

(1) Hydrodynamics Root Riot Replacement Cubes - 100 Cubes
Root Riot grow plugs (by the same company that brought you Clonex) are ideal for rooting plant cuttings and starting seeds, providing the perfect environment for optimal root initiation and development. Root Riot propagation plugs are made from composted natural materials and have a great spongy texture which retains the perfect air/water ratio for healthy, rapid root growth.

Suitable for both propagating cuttings and starting seeds, Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes have been shown to consistently outperform alternative media. These plant starter plugs are specially inoculated with micro nutrients and biologically active ingredients to nourish young plants and aid in root development.

Root Riot Plant Starter replacement cubes are pre-moistened so they are ready to use right out of the bag.

(1) Super Sprouter Standard Vented Humidity Dome 7 in
The Super Sprouter Standard Vented Humidity Dome is an excellent quality 7-inch tall standard humidity dome with straight sides that allow use of all plant sites in the propagation tray. This Super Sprouter dome has two clear vents that can be opened or closed to control humidity and a built-in handle for easy removal.

The Super Sprouter Standard Vented Humidity Dome 7 in fits snugly on standard 10 x 20 inch propagation trays.

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