CannaCribs Consulting - 5 Hour Grow Operation Assistance

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    With a hand-picked team of some of the best minds in cultivation with the mission to make our customers the best cultivators in the world. With years of designing, equipping, building, training, and retrofitting facilities that are unparalleled through our extensive relationships and experiences. Available to assist you at whatever phase of your grow you find yourself. Book a 5, 10, or 20-hour block of time that can be used by your team in different sessions to tap into our expertise. Saving you the guesswork and costly over/under equipment purchases.
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    Grow Operation Assistance

    Get the best practices of the most renowned farms.

    Did you know that Canna Cribs Consulting helps design and build the most productive commercial cultivation facilities? If you need help building, retrofitting, or optimizing your commercial grow facility, book a 5, 10, or 20-hour block of time to connect with our experts. Spread the time blocks on different sessions to meet your needs. If you need more than 20 hours or are looking for the full works from start to finish. Fill out the form below to work with the world-class professionals at Canna Cribs Consulting including multiple PhD's and 50+ years of collective cultivation experience.

    CannaCribs Consulting ExpertiseCannaCribs Consulting Expertise

    Canna Cribs Consulting Expertise

    • Operation and design of best-in-class cultivation facilities
    • Preparation of production SOPs
    • The rollout of cultivation data collection and data analysis platforms
    • Recruiting, training, and managing growers, technicians, and scientists
    • Automation of the entire facility
    • Consumable cost reduction
    • Tissue culture and genetic preservation

    Experience where it matters


    • Cultivation
    • Integrated pest management
    • Post-harvest
    • Job Descriptions, team roles, organizational structure
    • Workflows
    • Environmental control
    • R&D trial design
    • KPIs
    • General operations
    • Cultivation challenges
    • Data collection and analysis
    • Tissue culture


    • Cultivation system design
    • Cultivation facility layout
    • People and material flows
    • HVAC loads
    • Fertigation system design for equipment sizing
    • Staffing requirements and roles
    • Yield estimates
    • Horticultural lighting selection
    • Grow table selection and layout
    • Environmental setpoint review and guidance
    • Site climate analysis
    • Environment and fertigation control system selection
    • Cultivation SOP packages
    • Process flow diagrams for the cultivation process

    Our Team

    Philipp Matzneller, PhDPhilipp Matzneller, PhD

    Philipp Matzneller, PhD

    Dr. Philipp Matzneller is a senior consultant at CannaCribs Horticulture Consulting, providing design, technical, operational, and strategic consulting to the cultivation industry. He was the Senior Scientist of cultivation at MedReleaf and Director of Applied Cultivation after Aurora Cannabis acquired the company. Under his guidance, a team of a dozen scientists and assistants across multiple facilities collected data and conducted experiments that resulted in a substantial increase in yield and quality of the production. Previously, Philipp worked in the ornamental greenhouse industry and as a research associate conducting climate impact studies. He holds a BSc and MSc in Agriculture from the University of Bologna (Italy) and a Ph.D. in Agroclimatology from the Humboldt University of Berlin.

    Juan GutierrezJuan Gutierrez

    Juan Gutierrez

    Juan David Gutierrez is a senior consultant at CannaCribs Horticulture Consulting, providing design, technical, operational, and strategic consulting to the cultivation industry. He was the Director of Cultivation at MedReleaf for almost four years, where he led efforts to develop industry-leading and award-winning high-quality and high-yield cultivation practices. Once MedReleaf was acquired by Aurora Cannabis, Juan led assessment and improvement programs for all their cultivation facilities in Canada and supported similar projects in South America and Europe. Juan has a deep knowledge and expertise in commercial plant production. Juan holds a BSc in horticulture from the University of Guelph in Canada.

    Deron Caplan, PhDDeron Caplan, PhD

    Deron Caplan, PhD

    Dr. Deron Caplan is a senior consultant at CannaCribs Horticulture Consulting, specializing in controlled environment plant production. He earned North America’s first Ph.D. with research focused on indoor cultivation production, then led operations at The Kelowna Research Station - advancing cultivation techniques and systems. He was the Director of Research and Development at The Flowr Corporation, managing a team of ten scientists and operators and working closely with partners at The Hawthorne Gardening Company, a subsidiary of The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. Deron has provided expert commentary on production to many media outlets and the Government of Canada.

    Nate LiptonNate Lipton

    Nate Lipton

    Co-Founder of and CannaCribs. Nate helps equip some of the largest and most efficiently operated cannabis facilities in the US. With a particular focus on greenhouse and indoor, Nate works with growers to develop new products, decrease consumable costs, decrease labor, and optimize plant yield and quality through the most innovative product applications.

    Mike ChangMike Chang

    Mike Chang

    Staff Agronomist for CannaCribs Consulting. Mike has a BS in Agriculture Technology Management and a California State agent license for pesticide application and consulting. Mike has a deep knowledge in turning around growing operations to decrease costs while increasing production weight and quality.

    George MurrayGeorge Murray

    George Murray

    Chief formulation chemist for Ventana Plant Science nutrients. Leveraging his foundational experience in metabolomics, plant physiology, inorganic and organic chemistry, and soil ecology along with his years of experience in specialty agriculture, he has been able to create unique for the cultivation industry.

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