GrowLite Tru Blue MH Lamps - 6500k

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    GrowLite's Tru Blue MH lamps are Open Rated for your safety. Tru Blue has a spectrum perfect for huge, bushy, vegetative growth. With a 12,000 hour lifetime and a 6500K color temp, and available in 400, 600, and 1000w, satisfaction is guaranteed.
    GrowLite's Tru Blue Open Rated Metal Halide (MH) Lamps & Bulbs are designed and manufactured to GrowLite's own custom proprietary specifications. All of GrowLite's Tru Blue Metal Halide lamps are Open Rated for safety. Tru Blue MH bulbs are the industry's first and only Open Rated lamps. We believe in customer satisfaction. GrowLite backs Tru Blue MH lamps and bulbs 100% with a one year full warranty. If you are not satisfied. We'll give you your money back, guaranteed. Overall bushing, internodal spacing, and health is unparalleled with the Tru Blue MH bulb.

    Tru Blue Initial Lumen Output:
  • 1000w MH: 107,000 lumens
  • 600w MH: 58,000 lumens
  • 400w MH: 32,000 lumens

  • Tru Blue MH Specifications:
  • Rated Life: 12,000
  • Color Temperature: 6500k
  • Color Rendering Index: 60
  • Burning Position: Vertical base up operation
  • Bulb Designation: BT37
  • Fixture Rating: Open/enclosed
  • To 90% warm up time: 4 minutes
  • Hot restart time: 10-15 mins
  • ANSI Designation: M47/0
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    NameGrowLite Tru Blue MH Lamps - 6500k
    Warranty1 Year
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