Buy Guano nutrients for your plants to add nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to your garden. We carry Mexican, Indonesian, Jamaican, Seabird, Bat, Peruvian Guano and more.

For centuries guanos have been used as an organic fertilizer excellent for use around fruiting and flowering plants including vegetables, herbs, ornamentals, and fruit and nut trees. High in trace minerals, guanos provide great nutrition and are great for liquid teas. Guanos also contain natural microbes and various micronutrients that are beneficial in increasing the quantity and diversity of life in your chosen media, particularly in soil.

The two main sources of guano available are bats and seabirds with nutrients varying based on regional diets. Guanos are usually high in nitrogen and phosphorus, but depending on the donor's diets can have very different ranges of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus or N-P-K. Seabird guano is typically high in calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus due to their high protein fish diet, while bats can have either a fruit-based diet or an insect-based diet. Fruit-eating bats tend to produce high levels of phosphorus while guano from insect-eating bats usually has higher nitrogen levels.