Haight Solid State PPF-400Rv2 LED Grow Light (DISCONTINUED)

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This LED light system easily outperforms other LED lighting systems that require up to 150W. The Haight Solid State PPF-400 only conusmes a mere 90W while far outperforming other lights in its class. Some LED systems have a power consumption that can be misleading as they employ fans that may use up to 40W of additional power. Other poplular LED grow lights use upto three times more individual LED's lights and draw up to 120W of power and reqire a fan yet they produce 10% less light than the PPF-400. Another well know LED light draws 90W of power yet the output is less than half of the light of the PPF-400.

  • Covers up to 2x2 ft
  • 17 wide beam LEDs
  • Deep red, Deep blue and white LEDs - full spectrum
  • High/Low power control
  • 120V indoor use only
  • 10 x 20 x 1 inch
  • 2.5 lbs
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Designed in the USA
  • Patent Pending
    This is a new updated version of our PPF-400. LEDs keep getting better and this model has all new LEDs each with big improvements in light output. As always our PPF grow lights are thin, lightweight and have no fans.
    Tip - always tie a drip loop in the cord so that water can not run down the cord and into the fixture
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    Name Haight Solid State PPF-400Rv2 LED Grow Light (DISCONTINUED)
    Brand Haight Solid State
    SKU HSS400Rv2
    MSRP $349.00
    Warranty 1 Year
    Dimensions 10" x 20" x 1"
    Voltage 120v