EZ Trim EZ Bud Trimmer (wet/dry)

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    Arguably one the best commercial rated plant trimmers in the industry. Neat and packable design keeps this heavy hitter light at only 85 lbs and super mobile. Easy to load and tilt to empty chute gate allows this trimmer to run all day long for big runs. Recommended for wet and dry trimming.

    EZTRIM | Satellite - Assembly from EZTRIM on Vimeo

    The EZTRIM Ez Trimmer is hands down the best commercial trimmer on the market. Not only is it faster and quieter than any tunnel trimmer but with its superior adjustability, the Satellite guarantees unsurpassed trim quality regardless of the strain. The Satellite will also separate and triple filter your leaf for processing, providing you greater yields without the mess. The Satellite is proudly made in the USA and comes with a one year warranty.

    EZTRIM has addressed these issues on several levels. They designed a single drum unit with a variable speed motor and a unique inner drum liner that allows for a cleaner more controllable vortex and cut, as well as drastically reducing weight and noise. In addition, we have added a variable speed reversible rotor feature with silicone fingers that help to gently rotate the product as well as aiding in controlling the speed of the vortex. By combining the two concepts in a single unit They have not only greatly reduced the length of the trim cycle but more importantly have developed a product that causes negligible damage (in fact throughout our testing, side by side, it has held up against trimming by hand the vast majority of the time – and sometimes even better). Another way They have greatly reduced product damage is through the development of a single concentric disc/six blade cutting wheel and a coved grate. The coved grate creates a softer transition for the product, and in combination with the cutting wheel, improves speed, as well as reducing damage, noise, and loss. In short, “The Satellite” allows the vortex to slowly move the product while the silicone rotor fingers gently roll it over the coved grate, creating a faster trim time but significantly minimizing any damage or loss to the product. Moreover, by incorporating the ability to control the speeds of both the rotor and vortex/blade motors, and easily adjust the blade height for length of cut without ever disassembling the machine, Easy Trim's “The Satellite” allows the user to further fine-tune their trim, per the strain, quantity and closeness of cut they prefer and minimize downtime.

    Another main concern we have addressed is product loss/use. Most machines leave the trimmed product all over the floor or minced and compressed in a dust collection bag. We have developed a tiered - 3 bag collection/pollinator system, starting with a high micron bag and than 2 progressively lower micron bags that help to sort and filter the mulched product for processing without the need of any secondary vacuum device. The airflow created agitates the mulched product in the bags and sifts it into 2 different, light and fluffy grades for processing, with the majority of the pollen collecting in the outer most bag – not all over your floor. Once the mulch dries, you can use the three bags as a dry sift pollinator increasing your yields prior to further processing.

    What’s more, “The EZ Trimmer” only weighs 110 lbs. and comes in its own waterproof, fire resistant, and completely sealable transport bag. The unit takes 2-3 min. to set up and the same to pack away.

  • Combination of vortex and rotor technologies to minimize damage and reduce cycle time.
  • Speed control of the main motor and blade
  • Speed and directional control of the rotor
  • Control of the airflow, suction, and vortex
  • Easy "on-the-fly" blade adjustment
  • Quick release motor/blade assembly for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • No loss – triple filtration system
  • Portable rolling workstation with convenient side tables for prep work
  • 1/8" jack for MP3 player and speakers
  • Waterproof/fire resistant travel case
  • Light weight, only 105lbs. in the case
  • One year warranty
  • Proudly made in Denver, Colorado
  • All parts are replaceable
  • The Ez Trimmer removes unwanted leaves from plants and hemp flowers and is the only solution that can deliver trim quality which surpasses manual methods. The key to the Ez Trimmer’s superiority is that it allows the user to adjust multiple variables in the way you trim in order to adjust for wet and dry product, as well as different strains, sizes, and growing methods. The Bud Trimmer is not only quiet and lightweight, but also features the following unique adjustable controls:

    Flower Movement through Airflow and Suction:

    The air flow is considered properly adjusted when it moves the product around the grate while also allowing the silicone fingers to separate and roll the product. Properly adjusting the airflow and suction eliminates excessive handling and unnecessary agitation.

    Rotation & Separation of Product:

    This is something you will want to adjust based on whether you are trimming wet or dry product as well as adjusting for different strains. Properly adjusting the rotation and separation will reduce batch times.

    The Bud Trimmer is not only quiet and lightweight, but also features the following unique adjustable controls:

    Wet & Dry Trim Functionality:

    Properly adjusting the cutting blade and implementing the different grates for wet and dried product will ensure a quality trim without damaging flowers.

    Batch Time Control:

    The Bud Trimmer allows you to watch the product as it is being trimmed, and adjust cycle times, based on what you see during each batch. Every strain and batch are different, so it is important to adjust accordingly. Proper batch time control ensures that flowers are trimmed to your desired level of quality.


    Our patented and unique filtration system comes with four collection bags which have varying micron levels for separating and collecting the leaf as it’s trimmed. The first bag collects the larger leaf & stem. This product from this level is good for extraction and separates most of the chlorophyll filled leaf. The second bag collects your sweet leaf making it excellent for extraction & pre-rolls. The third bag is your B grade keif (green), and the fourth bag is your A grade keif (gold). Separating the trim and keif has a lot of upside for both the extraction and creating new revenue streams. Additionally, these bags can also be utilized for manual dry sifting.



    AVERAGE THROUGHPUT for every Ez Trimmer should be 20,000 grams (44 LBS) per hour of fresh flower or 5,000 grams (11 LBS) per hour of dried finished flower


    AVERAGE THROUGHPUT for every Ez Trimmer should be 15,000 grams (33 LBS) per hour of dried finished flower


    • Weight: 85 lbs.
    • Ship weight: 105 lbs.
    • Assembled Dimensions: 32″L x 43″W x 43″H
    • Ship Dimensions: 32″L x 32″W x 32″H
    • Production (single operator): 20-30 lbs./hr. (Wet trimming in wet weight, dry trimming in dry weight)
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    NameEZ Trim EZ Bud Trimmer (wet/dry)
    BrandEZ Trim
    Weight (lbs)85
    Discounts Allowed?No
    Dimensions32″L x 43″W x 43″H
    Amps9.5 Amp operation draw, 10.9 max
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